NVOK 2012 – Episode 7

Questions from NVOK 2012 – Episode 7

(1000)According to the famous children’s tale which bird took “Vadai” from grandma?
a. Parrot b. Eagle c. Crow d. Hen
Ans. Crow

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(1000)Complete the following dialogue from the film “Padayappa” : “En vazhi ____ vazhi?
a. Un b. Orey c. Kurukku d. Thani
Ans. Thani

(2000)What is the common name for “Conjunctivitis” in Tamil Nadu?
a. Evil eye b. Madras eye c. Bull’s eye d. One eye
Ans. Madras eye

(2000)What numeral do you find vertically opposite to 7 in a wall clock?
a. 12 b. 5 c. 1 d. 2
Ans. 1

(3000)Which musical instrument is played in traditional tamil marriages?
a. Nadaswaram b. Saxophone c. Trumpet d. Piano
Ans. Nadaswaram

(5000)The terms “Broad”, “Meter”, “Narrow” are related to which of the following?
a. Bus b. Mobile Phone c. Railways d. Jeans
Ans. Railways

(10000)”Greeko roman”, “Freestyle” and “Sumo” are related to which of the following international sport?
a. Boxing b. Kabaddi c. Swimming d. Wrestling
Ans. Wrestling

(20000)Which actress features in this dialogue?(Santosh Subramaniam)
a. Tamannah b. Asin c. Genelia d. Samantha
Ans. Genelia

(40000)Which region in India gets its name from the Sanskrit word for “South”?
a. Malwa Plateau b. Deccan Pleateau c. Kathiawar Region d. Aravalli Hills
Ans. Deccan Pleateau

(80000)Which organ of the human body is primarily affected by Pneumonia?
a. Lungs b. Kidney c. Liver d. Brain
Ans. Lungs

(1,60,000)In a traditional Hindu marriage, which of these stars does the groom normally point out to the bride?
a. Rohini b. Arundhati c. Bharani d. Swathi
Ans. Arundhati

(3,20,000)In which of these cities did AV Meiyappan started his own film studio in 1946?
a. Karaikudi b. Chennai c. Coimbatore d. Theni
Ans. Karaikudi

(6,40,000)Which community’s native tongue is “Vagriboli”?
a. Thodar b. Badugar c. Narikurava d. Kodava
Ans. Narikurava