NVOK 2012 – Episode 6

Questions from NVOK 2012 – Episode 6

(1000) Fill up the following vallavanukku———— ayutham
a. sollum b. pullum c. mullum d. kallum
Ans. pullum

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(2000)From the following ,which month always have less than 30 days?
a. December b. March c. July d. February
Ans. February

(3000)What is the number called by us which is above the division line in division?
a. Generator b. Numerator c. Intimator d. Terminator
Ans. Numerator

(5000)What type of game did Mahesh Boopathy and Sania Mirza play together in Tennis ?
a. men’s doubles b. Women’s doubles c. Mixed doubles d. Women’s singles
Ans. Mixed doubles

(10000)Which tamil book contains 133 athikarankal and 1330 seyul?
a. Thirukural b. Silapathikaram c. Purananuru d. mahabharatham
Ans. Thirukural

(10000)In Alibaba story, how many thieves travelled with him?
a. 40 b. 50 c. 30 d. 42
Ans. 40

(20000)Identify the film from which this piece of music has been taken
a. Boss engira Baskaran b. Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaya c. Varanam Ayiram d. Vanam
Ans. Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaya

(20000)Identify the instrument
a. Piano b. Flute c. Violin d. Veena
Ans. Veena

(40000)In which of these forms is Lord Shiva worshipped by devotees in Tiruvannamalai?
a. Water b. Wind c. Earth d. Fire
Ans. Fire

(40000)Which form of dance requires the dancer to balance a pot on their heads?
a. Silampattam b. Karagattam c. Oyilattam d. Mayilattam
Ans. Karagattam

(80000)What does ‘S’ stand for in the name of the test cricketer V.V.S.Laxman?
a. Special b. Sahaj c. Sai d. Subramaniam
Ans. Sai

(80000)In which city in TamilNadu are the largest open-pit lignite mines in India located?
a. Coimbatore b. Tiruppur c. Kanjamalai d. Neyveli
Ans. Neyveli

(160000)In the Mahabharata who was born with an armour and earrings?
a. Vidhuran b. Bhishmar c. Karnan d. Duryodhanan
Ans. Karnan

(320000)In the epic Silapathikaram, who is the wife of the Pandya king?
a. Vasavadathai b. Kavunthi Adigal c. Kopperundevi d. Madhavi
Ans. Kopperundevi

(640000)Which was the first Tamil daily to be printed by Indians and circulated in India
a. Vimochanam b. Viduthalai c. Vandematharam d. Swadesamitran
Ans. Swadesamitran

(1250000)According to the Ramayana, who was rama’s charioteer in the final battle against Ravana?
a. Matali b. Pushan c. Vasuki d. Subahu
Ans. Matali

(FFF)Arrange the following places from north to south
a. Vivekananda Rock b. Kutralam c. Taj Mahal d. Mysore palace