NVOK 2012 – Episode 4

Questions from NVOK 2012 – Episode 4

(20000)Which actress is also referred as Abhinaya Saraswathi and Kannadathu paingili?
a. K.R. Vijaya b. Savitri c. Saroja Devi d. Padmini
Ans. Saroja Devi

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(40000)Which of these is standard voltage for residential use in India?
a. 320v b. 110v c. 230v d. 130v
Ans. 230v

(80000)Which Prime Minister’s grandfather was the country’s first Prime Minister?
a. Indira Gandhi b. Jawaharalal Nehru c. AB Vajpayee d. Rajiv Gandhi
Ans. Rajiv Gandhi

(1,60,000)From which film has this audio clip taken from? (Naan ungal veettu pillai)
a. Pudhiya Bhoomi b. Mannadhi mannan c. Aayirathil Oruvan d. Anbe Vaa
Ans. Pudhiya Bhoomi

(3,20,000)According to the Valmiki Ramayana whose mother was Anjana?
a. Angadha b. Sugreeva c. Raavana d. Hanuman
Ans. Hanuman

(6,40,000)Which of these novels was not written by Ramanichandran?
a. Venmayil ethanal nirangal b. Yavana rani c. Valai Osai d. Mayangugiral oru Madhu
Ans. Yavana rani

(12,50,000)Who did CN Annadurai immediately succeed as the chief minister of Madras state?
a. C.Rajagopalachari b. M.Bakthavatsalam c. K.Kamaraj d. PS Kumarswamy Raja
Ans. M.Bakthavatsalam

(1000)Which of the following living being can crawl under the roof?
a. Camel b. Lizard c. Porcupine d. Cat
Ans. Lizard

(2000)Which one of the following is required for an Indian to travel to USA?
a. Voter’s ID b. Driving License c. Ration card d. Passport
Ans. Passport

(3000)In the epic Ramayana, whose sister is “Surpanakai”?
a. Sukrivan b. Raman c. Raavanan d. Shatruknan
Ans. Raavanan

(5000)The famous dialogue “Naan oru thadavai sonna nooru thadavai sonna madhiri”, is from which of the following movies?
a. Baba b. Badshah c. Billa d. Arunachalam
Ans. Badshah

(10000)In which category does these thing fall – “Canine, Incisor, Molar, Pre-molar”?
a. Scissor b. Nails c. Teeth d. Rat family
Ans. Teeth

FFF. Arrange the following plantets based on their distance from the sun, starting from the nearest?
A. Uranus B. Jupiter C. Venus D. Earth