NVOK 2012 – Episode 3

Questions from NVOK 2012 – Episode 3

(1000)Fill up the following ———- adi sarukkum
a. yanaikum b. karadikum c. kurankukum d. singathirkum
Ans. yanaikum

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(1000)According to our tradition if we move to a new house , which of these will we boil?
a. water b. soup c. rasam d. milk
Ans. milk

(2000)From the following heroes who said the dialogue “andavan sollran Arunachalam mudikaran”
a. Kamal Hasan b. Rajinikanth c. Sarath kumar d. Aravind swamy
Ans. Rajinikanth

(2000)According to our Tamil proverb ,adi udavuvadhu pol yar udhava matarkal
a. akka- thankai b. Annan- thambi c. mama- athai d. appa -amma
Ans. Annan- thambi

(3000)What is Thermos flask used for?
a. Temperature b. Shape c. Pressure d. weight
Ans. Temperature

(3000)What is the meaning of ‘k’ in the following,D.M.K, T.M.TK, A.D.ADMK, and MDMK
a. kalasam b. karagam c. Kauravam d. kalagam
Ans. kalagam

(5000)From the following games ,which one used a racquet?
a. Football b. Cricket c. Tennis d. Volleyball
Ans. Tennis

(5000)According to Hindu mythology, to whom did vinayagar pray?
a. Arasamaram b. Bhoomi c. petror d. imayamalai
Ans. petror

(10000)In these instruments, which instrument saves electricity and discharges during power failure
a. Amplifier b. Woofer c. Inverter d. Cooler
Ans. Inverter

(10000)If u completed M.B.B.S , out of the following, which work u will do?
a. Maths professor b. Lawyer c. driver d. Doctor
Ans. Doctor

(20000)Identify the instrument being played in this audio clip
a. Piano b. Thavil c. Udukkai d. Tabla
Ans. Thavil

(40000)In which place is the Indian headquarters of ‘standard fire works’ located?
a. Villupuram b. Dindigul c. Sivakasi d. Madurai
Ans. Sivakasi

(80000)In Hindu Mythology , which bird does lord Muruga have on his flag?
a. Peacock b. Rooster c. Crow d. Crane
Ans. Rooster

(160000)Which city is the southernmost tip of mainland India?
a. Tuticorin b. karaikal c. Kanyakumari d. Nagarcoil
Ans. Kanyakumari

(160000)Which of these is caused by Vitamin A deficiency?
a. Scurvy b. Beriberi c. Goiter d. Night blindness
Ans. Night blindness

(320000)Which freedom fighter established the Swadesi steam Navigation company?
a. V.O Chidambaram pillai b. Subramaniam Siva c. Vanchinathan d. Netaji Subash Chandra Bose
Ans. V.O Chidambaram pillai

(320000)In cricket which two teams compete with each other for the border-Gavaskar Trophy?
a. India-South Africa b. India-Australia c. India-England d. India-West Indies
Ans. India-Australia

(640000)Which of these planets does not have any rings?
a. Jupiter b. Mars c. Neptune d. Saturn
Ans. Mars

(FFF)Arrange the following words to form a Tamil proverb
a. imbathil b. valayuma c. inthil d. valayathathu

(FFF)Arrange the following to form the name of a film
a. kama b. madana c. rajan d. micheal