NVOK 2012 – Episode 27

Questions from NVOK 2012 – Episode 27

(1000)Which birds feather is found in the ‘Kavadi’ taken for Lord Muruga?
a. Parrot b. Cock c. Eagle d. Peacock
Ans. Peacock

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(2000)Where is ‘Uchi Pillayar Kovil’ located?
a. Madurai b. Thiruchirapalli c. Thenkasi d. Thirunelveli
Ans. Thiruchirapalli

(3000)The logo of which of these is depicited by ‘Four squares of different colours’?
a. Apple Ipod b. Adobe Premiere c. Twitter d. Windows XP
Ans. Windows XP

(5000)Which of these games requires a ‘Horse’?
a. Pole Vault b. Water Polo c. Polo d. Decathlon
Ans. Polo

(40000)Who acted alongside Sivaji Ganesan in the film ‘Vietnam Veedu’?
a. Saroja Devi b. Padmini c. Savitri d. KR Vijaya
Ans. Padmini

(80000)Which Siddhar is believed to have made the Dhandayudhapani idol at Palani?
a. Agathiyar b. Sathyanathar c. Bhogar d. Anadhinathar
Ans. Bhogar

(1,60,000)Who wrote the novel ‘Sila Nerangalil Sila Manidhargal’?
a. Ki Rajanarayanan b. Jayakanthan c. Balakumaran d. Thi Janakiraman
Ans. Jayakanthan

(12,50,000)Which of these mammals has the longest gestation period ?
a. Blue Whale b. Elephant c. Giraffe d. Hippopotamus
Ans. Elephant

(25,00,000)Which state did the first three recipients of Bharat Ratna belong to?
a. Madras State b. Bihar c. Uttar Pradesh d. Gujarat
Ans. Madras State

(3,20,000)Which of the following chakras is believed to be found at the top of one’s head ?
a. Ajna b. Manipura c. Mooladhara d. Sahasrara
Ans. Sahasrara

(6,40,000)For sailing a ship between which two cities did VO Chidamabaram earn the sobriquet ‘Kappalottiya Thamizhan’?
a. Ennore and Vizag b. Tuticorin and Colombo c. Chennai and Colombo d. Karaikal and Vizag
Ans. Tuticorin and Colombo

(FFF)Arrange the following election based steps in the ascending order of their occurrences?
a. Counting of votes b. Election Result c. Voting d. Propaganda