NVOK 2012 – Episode 26

Questions from NVOK 2012 – Episode 26

(1000)Fill up the following —————– thiruvinaiakkum
a. Viratham b. ulaipu c. Muyarchi d. Bhakthi
Ans. Muyarchi

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(1000)What is the starting number of pincode in Tamil Nadu?
a. 4 b. 9 c. 6 d. 2
Ans. 6

(1000)Fill up the following “yeluthu arivithavan ————- aavan”
a. Manithan b. Guru c. Iraivan d. Vallavan
Ans. Iraivan

(2000)What is the answer if 0 is divided by 21?
a. 21 b. 1 c. 0 d. -21
Ans. 0

(2000)What is the number given to cameraman Jeeva’s film which has a connect with the local transport of chennai?
a. 19B b. 12B c. 7G d. 23C
Ans. 12B

(2000)Which one is not included in green leaf variety?
a. Ponnanganni b. Thuthuvalai c. Vallarai d. Rasthali
Ans. Rasthali

(3000)Among these, which instrument helps in browsing the internet on a mobile?
a. WAP b. SMS c. MMS d. Polyphonic
Ans. WAP

(3000)What is the colour of the neck if Lord Shiva had taken ‘Alakala Visham?’
a. Red b. Blue c. Yellow d. Black
Ans. Blue

(3000)In the following countries which one is the closest to Tamil Nadu?
a. Thailand b. Indonesia c. Srilanka d. Dubai
Ans. Srilanka

(5000)Which Australian cricketer is called as ‘ Nammakal Anjaneyar’ in IPL team by his team members?
a. Bret Lee b. Shan Watson c. Mathew Hayden d. Tuckbalenjer
Ans. Mathew Hayden

(5000)What is the first letter in Tamil ‘oyirmei’ yeluthu?
a. ah b. .:: c. iku d. ka
Ans. ka

(5000)Who is called as ‘Tamil Thatha’?
a. Sundaram pillai b. Swaminatha ayyar c. Bharathiyar d. Maraimalai adigal
Ans. Swaminatha ayyar

(10000)From the following, who is the famous shenoi player?
a. Pandit Ravi Shankar b. Pandit Bhimshen joshi c. Pandit Vishwamohanbhat d. Ustad Bhismilla khan
Ans. Ustad Bhismilla khan

(10000)Which one of the Murugan’s Arupadai veedu is situated near sea?
a. Swami malai b. Thiruchendhur c. Thiruparan kundram d. Palamudhirsolai
Ans. Thiruchendhur

(20000)Which film starring Kamalhassan takes its name from the first line of a song in the film’ Adimai Pen’
a. Ilamai oojanladukirathu b. Manitharil ithnai Nirangala c. Thaayillamal naan illai d. Ayirathil Oruthi
Ans. Thaayillamal naan illai

(20000)Who among the following is an attacking opening batsman who used to play for Delhi Dare Devils?
a. Saurav Ganguly b. Rahul Dravid c. MS.Dhoni d. Virendar Shewag
Ans. Virendar Shewag

(40000)In 2006, Indra Nooyi became the CEO of which company?
a. Coca-cola b. Pepsico c. American Express d. Citibank
Ans. Pepsico

(FFF)Arrange the following methods of rice cultivation
a. Kalai eduthal b. Uluthal c. Vithaithal d. Aruvadai saidal

(FFF)Arrange the following continents according to their area, from big to small
a. Australia b. Europe c. Asia d. North America