NVOK 2012 – Episode 25

Questions from NVOK 2012 – Episode 25

(1000)If your age is 21 and your Father’s age is 3 times of it then, what is his age?
a. 68 b. 63 c. 84 d. 66
Ans. 63

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(2000)Where is Wimbledon Tennis Championship held?
a. USA b. Australia c. France d. England
Ans. England

(3000)In which of these feature films has Rajnikanth acted?
a. Cheran b. Cholan c. Pandiyan d. Pallavan
Ans. Pandiyan

(5000)In which city does Indian Institute of Science located?
a. Bangalore b. Chennai c. Mumbai d. Kolkata
Ans. Bangalore

(10000)In which of the following cities is the Annual Thyagaraja Aradhanai held?
a. Tanjore b. Trichy c. Thiruvarur d. Thiruvaiaru
Ans. Thiruvaiaru

(20000)In the Mahabharata, which of these was the honorary title of Bhishma?
a. Ko b. Pithamagan c. Aadhavan d. Maayavi
Ans. Pithamagan

(20000)According to the Mahabharata, who was the son of Drona ?
a. Vidura b. Duryodhana c. Ashwatthama d. Shalya
Ans. Ashwatthama

(40000)In which state does Ajanta and the Ellora caves located?
a. Madhya Pradesh b. Maharashtra c. Gujarat d. Rajasthan
Ans. Maharashtra

(40000)Which Mumbai born writer won the 1981 Booker Prize for his novel ‘Midnight’s Children’?
a. Arundhati Roy b. VS Naipaul c. RK Narayan d. Salman Rushdie
Ans. Salman Rushdie

(80000)Which of these is a book is written by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam?
a. Revolution 2020 b. Science 2020 c. Vision 2020 d. India 2020
Ans. India 2020

(80000)In which Indian city would one find the Salarjung Museum?
a. Bangalore b. Hyderabad c. Kolkata d. New Delhi
Ans. Hyderabad

(1,60,000)Which feature film marked the debut of Dr.MG Ramachandran?
a. Iru Sagotharagal b. Harischandra c. Sathi Leelavathi d. Rajakumaari
Ans. Sathi Leelavathi

(1,60,000)Which of these snakes,primarily feeds on other snakes?
a. Russel’s Viper b. King Cobra c. Common Krait d. Indian Python
Ans. King Cobra

(12,50,000)Which ruler’s invasion of Kalinga was written about by Jayamkondar in his work “Kalingathu Parani”?
a. Raja Raja Chola 1 b. Kulothunga Chola 1 c. Asoka d. Rajendra chola 1
Ans. Kulothunga Chola 1

(3,20,000)India’s longest train service Vivek Express (15905) runs from Kanyakumari to which of these towns?
a. Dibrugarh b. Jammu Tawi c. Kolkata d. Dwarka
Ans. Dibrugarh

(3,20,000)Saurav Ganguly and which other cricketer made their debut in Test Match Cricket against England at Lord’s in 1996
a. VVS Laxman b. Virender Sehwag c. Ajay Jadeja d. Rahul Dravid
Ans. Rahul Dravid

(6,40,000)Which word did Chaudhary Rahmat Ali create in 1933 to represent Punjab, Afghan Province, Kashmir, Sind and Baluchistan?
a. Pakhtunkhwa b. Pakistan c. PEPSU d. Islamabad
Ans. Pakistan

(FFF)Arrange the following occurrences in ascending order?
a. Indian Independence b. First Tamil Sangam c. Formation of Madras State d. 2004 Tsunami

(FFF)Arrange the following film titles from North to South based on their places ?
a. Mumbai Express b. Goa c. Chennai 600028 d. Kashmir Kadhali