NVOK 2012 – Episode 24

Questions from NVOK 2012 – Episode 24

(1000)Complete the following movie title Directed by Vijay T Rajendar “En Thangai_____”
a. Bhavani b. Kalyani c. Monisha d. Shanthi
Ans. Kalyani

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(2000)Which of the following yoga types is based on breath control?
a. Vajrasana b. Padmasana c. Bhujangasana d. Pranayama
Ans. Pranayama

(3000)According to Hindu mythology who maintains the record of Humans?
a. Kuberan b. Vayu c. Chitragupta d. Pragaspathy
Ans. Chitragupta

(5000)In the film Billa, Which of the following god is 140 feet tall, in Malaysia Betu Caves?
a. Vinayaka b. Shivan c. Murugan d. Ayyanar
Ans. Murugan

(10000)Which Japanese art is made by folding papers?
a. Konami b. Origami c. Sazanami d. Ikebana
Ans. Origami

(20000)Who among the following European explorers landed in India in 1498?
a. Christopher Columbus b. Vasco Da Gama c. Captain Cook d. Amerigo Vespucci
Ans. Vasco Da Gama

(20000)Which scientist formulated the equation ‘e=mc(square)’?
a. Isaac Newton b. Richard Feynman c. Albert Einstein d. Thomas Alva Edison
Ans. Albert Einstein

(40000)Apart from India, which country did Rabindranath Tagore compose the National Anthem for?
a. Sri Lanka b. Bhutan c. Pakistan d. Bangladesh
Ans. Bangladesh

(40000)Who started Kalakshetra, a school dedicated to South Indian dance forms and Carnatic music?
a. Annie Besant b. Rukmini Devi Arundale c. Padma Subramaniam d. Balasaraswathi
Ans. Rukmini Devi Arundale

(80000)Sundaram Iyengar who was born in Thirukkurundi was the founder of which of these companies?
a. Lakshmi Machine Works b. Tvs Motor Company Limited c. Sakthi Sugars d. TTK Group of Companies
Ans. Tvs Motor Company Limited

(80000)Who is the first known human to travel solo to the deepest undersea point, Mariana Trench?
a. Jacques Cousteau b. Stevin Spielberg c. Jacques Piccard d. James Cameron
Ans. James Cameron

(1,60,000)Who was the first elected women Prime Minister in the world?
a. Indira Gandhi b. Margaret Thatcher c. Sirimavo Bandaranaike d. Benazir Bhutto
Ans. Sirimavo Bandaranaike

(1,60,000)In P.Orr & Sons, the company started in 1851 in Madras, what does the ‘P’ stands for?
a. Patrick b. Panicker c. Peter d. Parker
Ans. Peter

(12,50,000)Pudumaippithan’s short story ‘Thunbakkeni’ is set in the tea estate located in which of these places?
a. Cambodia b. Ceylon c. Vietnam d. Burma
Ans. Ceylon

(3,20,000)As of April 2012, Against which of these countries has Sachin Tendulkar scored the least number of centuries in ODIs
a. Bangladesh b. Zimbabwe c. Australia d. Pakistan
Ans. Bangladesh

(3,20,000)Which of these Tamil films did not star a former Miss World?
a. Thamizhan b. Jeans c. Ratchagan d. Endhiran
Ans. Ratchagan

(6,40,000)Which language did Veerama Munivar translate the Thirukkural into in the year of 1730?
a. Hebrew b. English c. Latin d. Portuguese
Ans. Latin