NVOK 2012 – Episode 23-33

Questions from NVOK 2012 – Episode 23 – 33 (10 episodes on one page!)

(1000)What is the meaning of ‘DD’?
a. Darshan dhor b. Doordarshan c. Dhamakadharsan d. Divya darshan
Ans. Doordarshan

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(1000) ‘agathin alagu mugathil theriyum’. In this phrase, what is the meaning of ‘agathin’
a. ulakathin b. udalin c. veetin d. ullathin
Ans. ullathin

(2000)Among the following vijay TV programmes, which one is anchored by the music director of the film subramaniapuram?
a. Athu ithu ethu b. Vaanga cinema pathi pesalam c. Oru varthai oru latcham d. Super singer
Ans. Oru varthai oru latcham

(2000)what is the name of the instrument natarajar is having?
a. veena b. udukai c. yal d. thambura
Ans. udukai

(3000)In India which leaf is used to cure chinna ammai?
a. Koiya elai b. Vazhai elai c. Mavilai d. Vepilai
Ans. Vepilai

(3000)Whose name is given to Chennai corporation building?
a. Ribbon Prabhu b. Mountbatten prabhu c. Karsan prabhu d. Vevel prabhu
Ans. Ribbon Prabhu

(5000)In the Tinkle stories Chamataka’, Doob Doob’, who is the enemy of the crow?
a. kabish b. Kalia c. Suppandi d. Mushik
Ans. Kalia

(5000)If you are in Sabarmati ashram, then which state you belongs to?
a. Punjab b. Madhya pradesh c. Himachal pradesh d. Gujarat
Ans. Gujarat

(10000)What is the job of Jesus Christ’s father?
a. Shepherd b. Fisherman c. Carpenter d. Farmer
Ans. Carpenter

(10000)Which country did Che Guevara belong to?
a. Brazil b. Cuba c. Argentina d. Polivia
Ans. Argentina

(20000)Who wrote the screenplay for the film Parasakthi?
a. CN.Annadurai b. K.kamaraj c. M.Karunanidhi d. EVK.Sampath
Ans. M.Karunanidhi

(40000)Which city is the capital of Australia?
a. Canberra b. Melbourne c. Perth d. Sydney
Ans. Canberra

(80000)Which of the following books was written by ‘cartoonist’ Madan?
a. Othayadi padhai b. Kolaiyuthir kalam c. Pirivom sandhipom d. Kimu kipi
Ans. Kimu kipi

(160000)As of March 2012, against which team did India last win a Test match in cricket?
a. South Africa b. England c. Srilanka d. West Indies
Ans. West Indies

(320000)In Hindu mythology who killed Hiranyaksha?
a. Vamana b. Rama c. Narasimha d. Varaha
Ans. Varaha

(FFF)According to the basis of numbers arrange the following books from small to big
a. Attu thogai b. Pathinenkil kanakku c. Pathu pattu d. Agananuru

(FFF)From the following words , form the song from the film ‘Ayudha eluthu’
a. sudar b. kadhal c. thiri d. yakai

(1000)Complete the following movie title Directed by Vijay T Rajendar “En Thangai_____”
a. Bhavani b. Kalyani c. Monisha d. Shanthi
Ans. Kalyani

(2000)Which of the following yoga types is based on breath control?
a. Vajrasana b. Padmasana c. Bhujangasana d. Pranayama
Ans. Pranayama

(3000)According to Hindu mythology who maintains the record of Humans?
a. Kuberan b. Vayu c. Chitragupta d. Pragaspathy
Ans. Chitragupta

(5000)In the film Billa, Which of the following god is 140 feet tall, in Malaysia Betu Caves?
a. Vinayaka b. Shivan c. Murugan d. Ayyanar
Ans. Murugan

(10000)Which Japanese art is made by folding papers?
a. Konami b. Origami c. Sazanami d. Ikebana
Ans. Origami

(20000)Who among the following European explorers landed in India in 1498?
a. Christopher Columbus b. Vasco Da Gama c. Captain Cook d. Amerigo Vespucci
Ans. Vasco Da Gama

(20000)Which scientist formulated the equation ‘e=mc(square)’?
a. Isaac Newton b. Richard Feynman c. Albert Einstein d. Thomas Alva Edison
Ans. Albert Einstein

(40000)Apart from India, which country did Rabindranath Tagore compose the National Anthem for?
a. Sri Lanka b. Bhutan c. Pakistan d. Bangladesh
Ans. Bangladesh

(40000)Who started Kalakshetra, a school dedicated to South Indian dance forms and Carnatic music?
a. Annie Besant b. Rukmini Devi Arundale c. Padma Subramaniam d. Balasaraswathi
Ans. Rukmini Devi Arundale

(80000)Sundaram Iyengar who was born in Thirukkurundi was the founder of which of these companies?
a. Lakshmi Machine Works b. Tvs Motor Company Limited c. Sakthi Sugars d. TTK Group of Companies
Ans. Tvs Motor Company Limited

(80000)Who is the first known human to travel solo to the deepest undersea point, Mariana Trench?
a. Jacques Cousteau b. Stevin Spielberg c. Jacques Piccard d. James Cameron
Ans. James Cameron

(1,60,000)Who was the first elected women Prime Minister in the world?
a. Indira Gandhi b. Margaret Thatcher c. Sirimavo Bandaranaike d. Benazir Bhutto
Ans. Sirimavo Bandaranaike

(1,60,000)In P.Orr & Sons, the company started in 1851 in Madras, what does the ‘P’ stands for?
a. Patrick b. Panicker c. Peter d. Parker
Ans. Peter

(12,50,000)Pudumaippithan’s short story ‘Thunbakkeni’ is set in the tea estate located in which of these places?
a. Cambodia b. Ceylon c. Vietnam d. Burma
Ans. Ceylon

(3,20,000)As of April 2012, Against which of these countries has Sachin Tendulkar scored the least number of centuries in ODIs
a. Bangladesh b. Zimbabwe c. Australia d. Pakistan
Ans. Bangladesh

(3,20,000)Which of these Tamil films did not star a former Miss World?
a. Thamizhan b. Jeans c. Ratchagan d. Endhiran
Ans. Ratchagan

(6,40,000)Which language did Veerama Munivar translate the Thirukkural into in the year of 1730?
a. Hebrew b. English c. Latin d. Portuguese
Ans. Latin

(1000)If your age is 21 and your Father’s age is 3 times of it then, what is his age?
a. 68 b. 63 c. 84 d. 66
Ans. 63

(2000)Where is Wimbledon Tennis Championship held?
a. USA b. Australia c. France d. England
Ans. England

(3000)In which of these feature films has Rajnikanth acted?
a. Cheran b. Cholan c. Pandiyan d. Pallavan
Ans. Pandiyan

(5000)In which city does Indian Institute of Science located?
a. Bangalore b. Chennai c. Mumbai d. Kolkata
Ans. Bangalore

(10000)In which of the following cities is the Annual Thyagaraja Aradhanai held?
a. Tanjore b. Trichy c. Thiruvarur d. Thiruvaiaru
Ans. Thiruvaiaru

(20000)In the Mahabharata, which of these was the honorary title of Bhishma?
a. Ko b. Pithamagan c. Aadhavan d. Maayavi
Ans. Pithamagan

(20000)According to the Mahabharata, who was the son of Drona ?
a. Vidura b. Duryodhana c. Ashwatthama d. Shalya
Ans. Ashwatthama

(40000)In which state does Ajanta and the Ellora caves located?
a. Madhya Pradesh b. Maharashtra c. Gujarat d. Rajasthan
Ans. Maharashtra

(40000)Which Mumbai born writer won the 1981 Booker Prize for his novel ‘Midnight’s Children’?
a. Arundhati Roy b. VS Naipaul c. RK Narayan d. Salman Rushdie
Ans. Salman Rushdie

(80000)Which of these is a book is written by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam?
a. Revolution 2020 b. Science 2020 c. Vision 2020 d. India 2020
Ans. India 2020

(80000)In which Indian city would one find the Salarjung Museum?
a. Bangalore b. Hyderabad c. Kolkata d. New Delhi
Ans. Hyderabad

(1,60,000)Which feature film marked the debut of Dr.MG Ramachandran?
a. Iru Sagotharagal b. Harischandra c. Sathi Leelavathi d. Rajakumaari
Ans. Sathi Leelavathi

(1,60,000)Which of these snakes,primarily feeds on other snakes?
a. Russel’s Viper b. King Cobra c. Common Krait d. Indian Python
Ans. King Cobra

(12,50,000)Which ruler’s invasion of Kalinga was written about by Jayamkondar in his work “Kalingathu Parani”?
a. Raja Raja Chola 1 b. Kulothunga Chola 1 c. Asoka d. Rajendra chola 1
Ans. Kulothunga Chola 1

(3,20,000)India’s longest train service Vivek Express (15905) runs from Kanyakumari to which of these towns?
a. Dibrugarh b. Jammu Tawi c. Kolkata d. Dwarka
Ans. Dibrugarh

(3,20,000)Saurav Ganguly and which other cricketer made their debut in Test Match Cricket against England at Lord’s in 1996
a. VVS Laxman b. Virender Sehwag c. Ajay Jadeja d. Rahul Dravid
Ans. Rahul Dravid

(6,40,000)Which word did Chaudhary Rahmat Ali create in 1933 to represent Punjab, Afghan Province, Kashmir, Sind and Baluchistan?
a. Pakhtunkhwa b. Pakistan c. PEPSU d. Islamabad
Ans. Pakistan

(FFF)Arrange the following occurrences in ascending order?
a. Indian Independence b. First Tamil Sangam c. Formation of Madras State d. 2004 Tsunami

(FFF)Arrange the following film titles from North to South based on their places ?
a. Mumbai Express b. Goa c. Chennai 600028 d. Kashmir Kadhali

(1000)Fill up the following —————– thiruvinaiakkum
a. Viratham b. ulaipu c. Muyarchi d. Bhakthi
Ans. Muyarchi

(1000)What is the starting number of pincode in Tamil Nadu?
a. 4 b. 9 c. 6 d. 2
Ans. 6

(1000)Fill up the following “yeluthu arivithavan ————- aavan”
a. Manithan b. Guru c. Iraivan d. Vallavan
Ans. Iraivan

(2000)What is the answer if 0 is divided by 21?
a. 21 b. 1 c. 0 d. -21
Ans. 0

(2000)What is the number given to cameraman Jeeva’s film which has a connect with the local transport of chennai?
a. 19B b. 12B c. 7G d. 23C
Ans. 12B

(2000)Which one is not included in green leaf variety?
a. Ponnanganni b. Thuthuvalai c. Vallarai d. Rasthali
Ans. Rasthali

(3000)Among these, which instrument helps in browsing the internet on a mobile?
a. WAP b. SMS c. MMS d. Polyphonic
Ans. WAP

(3000)What is the colour of the neck if Lord Shiva had taken ‘Alakala Visham?’
a. Red b. Blue c. Yellow d. Black
Ans. Blue

(3000)In the following countries which one is the closest to Tamil Nadu?
a. Thailand b. Indonesia c. Srilanka d. Dubai
Ans. Srilanka

(5000)Which Australian cricketer is called as ‘ Nammakal Anjaneyar’ in IPL team by his team members?
a. Bret Lee b. Shan Watson c. Mathew Hayden d. Tuckbalenjer
Ans. Mathew Hayden

(5000)What is the first letter in Tamil ‘oyirmei’ yeluthu?
a. ah b. .:: c. iku d. ka
Ans. ka

(5000)Who is called as ‘Tamil Thatha’?
a. Sundaram pillai b. Swaminatha ayyar c. Bharathiyar d. Maraimalai adigal
Ans. Swaminatha ayyar

(10000)From the following, who is the famous shenoi player?
a. Pandit Ravi Shankar b. Pandit Bhimshen joshi c. Pandit Vishwamohanbhat d. Ustad Bhismilla khan
Ans. Ustad Bhismilla khan

(10000)Which one of the Murugan’s Arupadai veedu is situated near sea?
a. Swami malai b. Thiruchendhur c. Thiruparan kundram d. Palamudhirsolai
Ans. Thiruchendhur

(20000)Which film starring Kamalhassan takes its name from the first line of a song in the film’ Adimai Pen’
a. Ilamai oojanladukirathu b. Manitharil ithnai Nirangala c. Thaayillamal naan illai d. Ayirathil Oruthi
Ans. Thaayillamal naan illai

(20000)Who among the following is an attacking opening batsman who used to play for Delhi Dare Devils?
a. Saurav Ganguly b. Rahul Dravid c. MS.Dhoni d. Virendar Shewag
Ans. Virendar Shewag

(40000)In 2006, Indra Nooyi became the CEO of which company?
a. Coca-cola b. Pepsico c. American Express d. Citibank
Ans. Pepsico

(FFF)Arrange the following methods of rice cultivation
a. Kalai eduthal b. Uluthal c. Vithaithal d. Aruvadai saidal

(FFF)Arrange the following continents according to their area, from big to small
a. Australia b. Europe c. Asia d. North America

(1000)Which birds feather is found in the ‘Kavadi’ taken for Lord Muruga?
a. Parrot b. Cock c. Eagle d. Peacock
Ans. Peacock

(2000)Where is ‘Uchi Pillayar Kovil’ located?
a. Madurai b. Thiruchirapalli c. Thenkasi d. Thirunelveli
Ans. Thiruchirapalli

(3000)The logo of which of these is depicited by ‘Four squares of different colours’?
a. Apple Ipod b. Adobe Premiere c. Twitter d. Windows XP
Ans. Windows XP

(5000)Which of these games requires a ‘Horse’?
a. Pole Vault b. Water Polo c. Polo d. Decathlon
Ans. Polo

(40000)Who acted alongside Sivaji Ganesan in the film ‘Vietnam Veedu’?
a. Saroja Devi b. Padmini c. Savitri d. KR Vijaya
Ans. Padmini

(80000)Which Siddhar is believed to have made the Dhandayudhapani idol at Palani?
a. Agathiyar b. Sathyanathar c. Bhogar d. Anadhinathar
Ans. Bhogar

(1,60,000)Who wrote the novel ‘Sila Nerangalil Sila Manidhargal’?
a. Ki Rajanarayanan b. Jayakanthan c. Balakumaran d. Thi Janakiraman
Ans. Jayakanthan

(12,50,000)Which of these mammals has the longest gestation period ?
a. Blue Whale b. Elephant c. Giraffe d. Hippopotamus
Ans. Elephant

(25,00,000)Which state did the first three recipients of Bharat Ratna belong to?
a. Madras State b. Bihar c. Uttar Pradesh d. Gujarat
Ans. Madras State

(3,20,000)Which of the following chakras is believed to be found at the top of one’s head ?
a. Ajna b. Manipura c. Mooladhara d. Sahasrara
Ans. Sahasrara

(6,40,000)For sailing a ship between which two cities did VO Chidamabaram earn the sobriquet ‘Kappalottiya Thamizhan’?
a. Ennore and Vizag b. Tuticorin and Colombo c. Chennai and Colombo d. Karaikal and Vizag
Ans. Tuticorin and Colombo

(FFF)Arrange the following election based steps in the ascending order of their occurrences?
a. Counting of votes b. Election Result c. Voting d. Propaganda

(1000)Complete the following Tamil Proverb “Niraikudam ….”
a. Nirambadhu b. Pongadhu c. Thalumbadhu d. Kodhikkadhu
Ans. Thalumbadhu

(2000)Which river is said to flow from Lord Shiva’s head?
a. Cauvery b. Ganga c. Yamuna d. Saraswathi
Ans. Ganga

(3000)In 2011, For which film did “Danush” gets his National Award?
a. Vengai b. Mappillai c. Mayakkam Enna d. Aadukalam
Ans. Aadukalam

(5000)Which of the following is a ‘Raaga’?
a. Aarthi b. Lakshmi c. Kalayani d. Parvathi
Ans. Kalayani

(10000)Which of the following terms is used to refer the sound of an elephant?
a. Piliral b. Muzhakkam c. Garjanai d. Kanaithal
Ans. Piliral

(10000)Which is the birthplace of ‘Gandhi’?
a. Pune b. Porbandar c. Ahmedabad d. Johannesberg
Ans. Porbandar

(20000)Which among the following salts is white in colour?
a. Copper Sulphate b. Sodium Chloride c. Potassium Permanganate d. Sodium Chromate
Ans. Sodium Chloride

(20000)As used in electricity, what does ‘D’ in DC stands for?
a. Delivery b. Domestic c. Direct d. Distance
Ans. Direct

(40000)Who among the following wrote “Kallikattu Ithikasam”?
a. Vaali b. Suradha c. Na Parthasarathy d. Vairamuthu
Ans. Vairamuthu

(40000)In a LPG stove, which coloured part of the flame is the hottest?
a. Yellow b. Red c. Orange d. Blue
Ans. Blue

(80000)Which among the following countries, aids in technical assistance for the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project?
a. Japan b. Russian Federation c. USA d. France
Ans. Russian Federation

(80000)Which is the Western most district in Tamilnadu?
a. Nilgiris b. Coimbatore c. Erode d. Tirupur
Ans. Nilgiris

(1,60,000)As of March 2012, who is the Minister for Handlooms and Textiles in the Tamil Nadu Government?
a. P Thangamani b. BV Ramanaa c. S Sundararaj d. V senthil Balaji
Ans. S Sundararaj

(3,20,000)Which of these is the name of a National Award winning Tamil film directed by Priyadarshan?
a. Renigunta b. Bombay c. Kasi d. Kanchivaram
Ans. Kanchivaram

(6,40,000)The subatomic particle ‘Boson’ is named after which Indian scientist?
a. Jagdish Chandra Bose b. Debendra Mohan Bose c. Satyendra Nath Bose d. Amar Gopal Bose
Ans. Satyendra Nath Bose

(FFF)Arrange the body parts present in the movie title, from head to toe?
a. Kangalal Kaithu sei b. Patha Kanikkai c. Kannathil Muthamittal d. Nenjirukkum Varai

(FFF)Arrange the following languages from North to South, based on the state?
a. Tamil b. Punjabi c. Telugu d. Gujarathi

(1000)Among these persons ,who is mentioned in the film “7aam arivu”?
a. Kumarajeeva b. Bodhidarmar c. Angulimala d. Amarbali
Ans. Bodhidarmar

(1000)How many centimeters are there in a meter?
a. 1000 b. 10 c. 100 d. 50
Ans. 100

(2000)Which chief minister’s name is given to Madurai university?
a. Kalaignar M.Karunanidhi b. CN.Annadurai c. Dr MG.Ramachandran d. K.Kamaraj
Ans. K.Kamaraj

(2000)Which water body beauty is specified by AR.Rahman in the song in the film ‘Bombay’
a. Indian ocean b. Bay of Bengal c. Pacific ocean d. Arabic ocean
Ans. Arabic ocean

(3000)What is the square root of 16?
a. 1 b. 4 c. 8 d. 2
Ans. 4

(3000)Who wrote the books Romeo-Juliet, Julies-Ceaser?
a. William Shakespeare b. Charles dickens c. William blake d. John milton
Ans. William Shakespeare

(5000)Which year did India win the cricket world cup?
a. 2011 b. 1992 c. 1983 d. 2003
Ans. 1983

(5000)Who is the brother of Sugrivan in Valmiki Ramayanam?
a. Ravanan b. Vali c. Indrajith d. Anuman
Ans. Vali

(10000)If one person is having BA,LLB degree which work he will do?
a. Doctor b. Archictecture c. Law d. Medicine
Ans. Law

(10000)Who is called as ‘Kavikuil’?
a. Sonia Gandhi b. Indira Gandhi c. Annie Besant d. Sarojini Naidu
Ans. Sarojini Naidu

(20000)For how many days and nights did it rain to cause the great flood in the Bible?
a. 4 b. 10 c. 100 d. 40
Ans. 40

(20000)Which of these pairs of suits of playing cards and their colours is incorrect?
a. Hearts-Red b. Clubs-Black c. Spade-Red d. Diamonds-Red
Ans. Spade-Red

(40000)A popular species of which creature was named in honour of Robert John Lechmere Guppy?
a. Tortiose b. Fish c. Lizard d. Frog
Ans. Fish

(40000)In the variety of Brinjal know as BT Brinjal what does the BT stand for?
a. Brinjal b. Bacillus c. Basic d. Breed
Ans. Bacillus

(80000)Which of these countries’ flag has a star in it?
a. Bangladesh b. Srilanka c. India d. Pakistan
Ans. Pakistan

(160000)Who was the prime minister of India when emergency was declared on 25th june 1975?
a. Jawaharlal Nehru b. Lal Bahadur Sastri c. Indira Gandhi d. Rajiv Gandhi
Ans. Indira Gandhi

(320000)Puduvai Kalamagal,Desopakari,Desabhaktan,Swadesamitran,Tamilarasu are the pen names of which Tamil literary personality?
a. Bharathiyar b. Akilan c. Bharathidasan d. Pulamaipithan
Ans. Bharathidasan

(640000)Which of the following is the only surviving ape whose natural habitat is located outside Africa?
a. Chimpanzee b. Bonobo c. Gorilla d. Orangutan
Ans. Orangutan

(FFF)According to the basis of time, arrange the following films
a. Siraisalai b. Thiruvilayadal c. Veerapandiyakattabomman d. Enthiran

(FFF)Arrange the following Tamil months from Chithirai
a. Purratasi b. aani c. masi d. karthigai

(1000)According to Tamil proverb ‘Puli Pasithalum _______ Thinnadhu’?
a. Palam(Fruit) b. Iraicci(Meat) c. Kai(Vegatables) d. Pullai(Grass)
Ans. Pullai(Grass)

(2000)Where should you go if you want to see ‘Makara Jyothi’?
a. Thirupathi b. Sabarimalai c. Maruthamalai d. Bannari
Ans. Sabarimalai

(3000)What is manufactured in ‘Perambur ICF’?
a. Ship b. Bus c. Train d. Aeroplane
Ans. Train

(5000)’Gulkand’ is manufactured from which flower’s petal?
a. Alli (Water lilly) b. Rose c. Jasmin d. Chrysanthemum
Ans. Rose

(10000)Which is the last station for the train ‘Nilgiri express’ starting from Mettupalayam?
a. Konnur b. Kotagiri c. Ooty d. Karamadai
Ans. Ooty

(20000)Which ruler built the pillar in Sarnath from which the chakra present in the Indian National Flag is taken?
a. Jahangir b. Ashoka c. Chandragupta Maurya d. Akbar
Ans. Ashoka

(40000)Which of these is the name of the detective in a series of novels written by Tamilvanan?
a. Govindlal b. Ganesh c. Bharat d. Shankarlal
Ans. Shankarlal

(80000)Which cricketer was the first person ever to score more than 10,000 runs in Test cricket ?
a. Sunil Gavaskar b. Sachin Tendulkar c. Brian Lara d. Allan Border
Ans. Sunil Gavaskar

(1,60,000)Which restaurant chain was founded by P.Rajagopal in 1981 in Chennai?
a. Sangeetha b. Adyar Ananda Bhavan c. Saravana Bhavan d. Anjappar
Ans. Saravana Bhavan

(12,50,000)Who among these was originally called Krishna due to her dark complexion?
a. Sita b. Draupadi c. Mandodari d. Kunti
Ans. Draupadi

(12,50,000)In 1912, Muthulakshmi Reddy became the First Indian women to get a degree from University of Madras in which discipline?
a. Engineering b. Law c. Medicine d. History
Ans. Medicine

(25,00,000)Where are the headquarters of the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center located?
a. Fukushima b. Cebu c. Aceh d. Hawaii
Ans. Hawaii

(3,20,000)Who conferred the title of ‘Sivaji’ on Mr.VC Ganesan?
a. Arignar Anna b. Thanthai Periyar c. Perunthalaivar K Kamaraj d. Kalaignar Karunanidhi
Ans. Thanthai Periyar

(6,40,000)The name of which mountain when translated means ‘Naked Mountain’?
a. Kanchenjunga b. Nanga Parbat c. Mukut Parbat d. Cho Oyu
Ans. Nanga Parbat

(FFF)Arrange the following places from South to North ?
a. Thirumalai Naicker Mahal b. Delhi Red Fort c. St. George Fort d. Vivekananda Rock

(FFF)Arrange the following film song’s first line of Dr.MG Ramachandran?
a. Nadanthuvittal b. Naan c. Athu d. Aanaiyittal

(1000)According to a Tamil proverb what should be done before the flood comes?
a. Seed b. Foundation c. Dam d. Fence
Ans. Dam

(1000)Which type of yarn is used in making jeans?
a. Twill b. Wool c. Linen d. Denim
Ans. Denim

(2000)According to railways,which station’s code is ‘MDU’?
a. Mettupalayam b. Manamadurai c. Mayiladuthurai d. Madurai
Ans. Madurai

(2000)Complete the following Tamil proverb “Katrulla pothe ________”?
a. Toottrikkol b. Svasithukkol c. Thoongikkol d. Odikkol
Ans. Toottrikkol

(3000)The names of which of the following leaders is been kept for the library opened on Sep 15, 2010 at Kotturpuram, Chennai?
a. Perunthalaivar Kamaraj b. Thanthai Periyar c. Kalaingar Karunanidhi d. Arignar Annadurai
Ans. Arignar Annadurai

(3000)Which of the following games is played without a ball?
a. Polo b. Tennikoit c. Hockey d. Tennis
Ans. Tennikoit

(5000)The songs “Bad,Jam and Dangerous” are related to which musician?
a. Madonna b. Bon Jovi c. Michael Jackson d. Boney M
Ans. Michael Jackson

(5000)Which is the debut film for “Ilayaraja’ as music director?
a. Aval Appadithan b. Bhadrakali c. 16 Vayathinile d. Annakili
Ans. Annakili

(10000)In the game chess, how many pawns would be there,If there is a pawn in each square?
a. 32 b. 64 c. 16 d. 56
Ans. 64

(10000)Which among the following is not a computer programming language?
a. BASIC b. JAVA c. C++ d. VISTA

(20000)’Addis Abaaba’ is the capital of which country?
a. Somalia b. Ghana c. Nigeria d. Ethiopia
Ans. Ethiopia

(20000)Which of these countries does not share a land border with India?
a. Pakistan b. Nepal c. Iran d. Bangladesh
Ans. Iran

(40000)In the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, from which constituency was P Chidambaram elected?
a. Theni b. Sivaganga c. Chidambaram d. Tenkasi
Ans. Sivaganga

(40000)Which Tamil name is named after the daughter of two characters in the Silappadikaram?
a. Manimegalai b. Valayapathi c. Kundalakesi d. Civakagachinthamani
Ans. Manimegalai

(80000)The Financial expert,The English Teacher and The Bachelor of Arts are books written by which of these authors?
a. R K Narayan b. Mulk Raj Anand c. Rabindranath Tagore d. Vikram Seth
Ans. R K Narayan

(80000)Who is considered to be the first Siddhar and the father of Siddha medicine?
a. Patanjali b. Agasthya c. Thirumoolar d. Kamalamuni
Ans. Agasthya

(1,60,000)Who among these women won a Nobel Prize for discovering Radium?
a. Maria Mayer b. Marie Curie c. Lisa Meitner d. Rosalind Franklin
Ans. Marie Curie

(1,60,000)Who among these is traditionally depicted as dancing on the demon Muyalakan?
a. Kali b. Krishna c. Ganesha d. Shiva
Ans. Shiva

(3,20,000)Which among the following sea creatures uses ink as a defence mechanism?
a. Eel b. Squid c. Star Fish d. Jelly Fish
Ans. Squid

(3,20,000)Which of these districts is not located on the coast?
a. Ramanathapuram b. Pudukottai c. Thoothukudi d. Virudunagar
Ans. Virudunagar

(FFF)Arrange the following animals in the film title,from smallest to largest ?
a. Murattu Kaalai b. Kuruvi c. Ee d. Udumban

(1000)Jaquar,ford, nissan belongs to which category in the following?
a. animal b. river c. computer d. vehicle
Ans. vehicle

(2000)How many sides did Hexagon have?
a. 4 b. 5 c. 6 d. 7
Ans. 6

(3000)In “micheal madana kama rajan” film how many lakhs did kameswaran ask avinashi to throw to his face?
a. 2 lakh b. 20 lakh c. 6 lakh d. 12 lakh
Ans. 6 lakh

(5000)If a person is affected by Hydrophobia ,which one will make him fear?
a. water b. fire c. height d. darkness
Ans. water

(10000)Who wrote the song “kanne kalaimanne” in the film mundram pirai?
a. Kannadhasan b. Valli c. Gangai amaran d. Pudumai pithan
Ans. Kannadhasan

(20000)Which king converted to Buddhism after involving himself in the Kalinga war?
a. Chandragupta Maurya b. Akbar c. Samudragupta d. Ashoka
Ans. Ashoka

(40000)For which composition did musician AR.Rahman win the Oscar award for best original song?
a. Dreams on fire b. If I rise c. Jai Ho d. O saya
Ans. Jai Ho

(80000)As of march 2012 , who is the minister of communications and Information Technology of India?
a. Dayanidhi maran b. Sharad pawar c. Kapil sibal d. Pranab Mukherjee
Ans. Kapil sibal

(160000)In which country is the Kruger National park is located?
a. Kenya b. South Africa c. Zimbabwe d. Australia
Ans. South Africa

(320000)In football, which team won the 2008 UEFA European championship?
a. Germany b. Netherlands c. Spain d. England
Ans. Spain

(640000)The wood from which of these trees was originally used to make the canvas for a Tanjore painting?
a. Jackfruit b. Mango c. Teak d. Rosewood
Ans. Jackfruit

(640000)The slang term OC meaning free is derived from which of these terms?
a. open corruption b. On courier service c. Only corruption d. On company’s service
Ans. On company’s service

(1250000)After visiting the tomb of the sufi saint Tipu Mastan Aulia located at which place, did Hyder Ali name his son Tipu Sultan?
a. Ervadi b. Arcot c. Nagore d. Parangipettai
Ans. Arcot

(1250000)Who was mankaded (run out) by Vinoo Mankad in the 2nd test match during India’s tour of Australia in 1947-1948?
a. Richie Benaud b. Don Bradman c. Bill Brown d. Keith Miller
Ans. Bill Brown

(2500000)Pierre Janssen first observed the existence of which element during a total solar ecilipse in India in 1868?
a. Hydrogen b. Helium c. Lithium d. Sodium
Ans. Helium

(FFF)Arrange the following films according to the ornaments worn from the feet to the head
a. Kreedam b. Salangai oli c. Mukuthi kasi d. Metti