NVOK 2012 – Episode 22

Questions from NVOK 2012 – Episode 22

(20000)In which European Country can you find the cities, Zurich and Geneva?
a. Norway b. Demark c. Greece d. Switzerland
Ans. Switzerland

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(40000)In which of these movies did Rajnikanth star as well write the story for?
a. Kali b. Bairavi c. Valli d. Moondru Mugam
Ans. Valli

(80000)What are Anjali, Pataka, Mayura, Trishula in Bharatha Natyam?
a. Karana b. Mudra c. Abhinaya d. Adavu
Ans. Mudra

(1,60,000)According to Mahabharatha,Who among these was not a son of Kunti?
a. Arjuna b. Bhima c. Yudhistra d. Nakula
Ans. Nakula

(1000)In which of the serials of Vijay TV, a persons previous birth and future births are discussed?
a. Thadayam b. Mun Jenmam c. Visaranai d. Nadandhadhu Enna?
Ans. Mun Jenmam

(2000)Which one of the following is called “ettanaa” ?
a. 1 Rupee b. 50 paise c. 25 paise d. 2 Rupee
Ans. 50 paise

(3000)Which of the following birds lays its eggs in the nest of a different type of bird?
a. Crow b. Sparrow c. Cuckoo d. Hummingbird
Ans. Cuckoo

(5000)As per Hindu Mythology, who is the husband of Rukmani and Sathyabama?
a. Balaraman b. Bheeman c. Shivan d. Krishnan
Ans. Krishnan

(10000) Lalgudi Jayaraman, the carnatic musician is known to play which instrument?
a. Veena b. Madolin c. Violin d. Flute
Ans. Violin

(20000)Which film staring Kamal Hassan takes his name from the first line of a song in the film Nadodi Mannan?
a. Paarthal pasi Theerum b. Thoongadhey Thambi Thoongadhey c. Unnai Sutrum Ullagam d. Thaayilamal Naan Illai
Ans. Thoongadhey Thambi Thoongadhey

(40000)Who is the lead character in a 1944 novel written by kalki?
a. Abirami b. Manimegalai c. Sivagami d. Andal
Ans. Sivagami

(80000)How was Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, the former Indian cricket captain, fondly referred as?
a. Lion b. Tiger c. Cheetah d. Leopard
Ans. Tiger

(1,60,000)In which of these temples, would you find Lord shiva in ‘Sandhya Thandavam’ with his left foot on the floor and the right foot in the air?
a. Thirunelveli Nellaiyappar b. Madurai Meenakshi c. Kuttralanathar d. Chidambaram Thillai Natarajan
Ans. Madurai Meenakshi

(3,20,000)In which part of Chennai was the first railway station of South India constructed?
a. Perambur b. Park Town c. Royapuram d. Egmore
Ans. Royapuram

(6,40,000)Jayanthi Natrajan is the grand daughter of which Chief Minister of Chennai state?
a. K Kamaraj b. PS Kumaraswamy Raja c. M Bakthavatsalam d. C Rajagopalachari
Ans. M Bakthavatsalam

(12,50,000)In which of these movies have MG Ramachandran and MK Thyagaraja Bhagavathar acted together?
a. Sivakavi b. Chintamani c. Puthu Vazhvu d. Raja Mukthi
Ans. Raja Mukthi

(FFF)Arrange the following things from south to north based on the places associated with their names?
a. Kanchipuram Pattu b. Thirunelveli Halwa c. Thirupati Laddu d. Tanjore Painting