NVOK 2012 – Episode 20

Questions from NVOK 2012 – Episode 20

(1000)In the field of education, what is the abbreviation of ‘K’, used in the terms “LKG” and UKG?
a. Kingdom b. Knowledge c. Kid d. Kinder
Ans. Kinder

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(1000)According to the tradition, Which musical instrument does Lord Krishna play?
a. Veena b. Miruthangam c. Flute d. Violin
Ans. Flute

(2000)’Vigneshwara’- “The one who removes all obstacles” is an other name of which of the following Gods?
a. Vishnu b. Shivan c. Ganeshan d. Brahma
Ans. Ganeshan

(2000)What type of animal is ‘Pomeranian’ belongs to?
a. Cat b. Rat c. Fish d. Dog
Ans. Dog

(3000)Which of these is not a Union Territories of India?
a. Daman and Diu b. Goa c. Andaman and Nicobar Island d. Lakshadweep
Ans. Goa

(3000)In which year did India became Republic?
a. 1950 b. 1947 c. 1952 d. 1948
Ans. 1950

(5000)To which game does the following words are related to – ‘Gully, square leg, silly point’?
a. Cricket b. Football c. Golf d. Basketball
Ans. Cricket

(5000)Who is the actor and director of the film ‘Autograph’ released in 2004?
a. Thangar Bachan b. Miskin c. Perarusa d. Cheran
Ans. Cheran

(10000)Who is the director of AR Rahman’s Debut film as a music director?
a. K.Balachander b. Shankar c. Maniratnam d. Sp Jananathan
Ans. Maniratnam

(10000)Who is the co-founder of Infosys?
a. Mukesh Ambani b. Ratan Tata c. NR Narayana Murthy d. Shiv Nadar
Ans. NR Narayana Murthy

(20000)Which of these snakes is non-venomous?
a. Common Krait b. Python c. Cobra d. Russell’s viper
Ans. Python

(40000)Which city was the capital of British India before it was shifted to Delhi in 1911?
a. Chennai b. Kolkata c. Mumbai d. Lahore
Ans. Kolkata

(80000)Which Chennai born writer won the Man Booker Prize in 2008 for his debut novel ‘The White Tiger’?
a. Chetan Bhagat b. VS Naipaul c. Salman Rushdie d. Aravind Adiga
Ans. Aravind Adiga

(1,60,000)In which state is Bodh Gaya, where Buddha attained enlightenment, situated?
a. West Bengal b. Orissa c. Bihar d. Madhya Pradesh
Ans. Bihar

(3,20,000)How many bones are present in a Giraffe’s neck?
a. 7 b. 8 c. 12 d. 24
Ans. 7

(6,40,000)In which of these region’s is South Asia’s first marine biosphere reserve located?
a. Sunderbans b. Little Rann of Kutch c. Great Nicobar d. Gulf of Mannar
Ans. Gulf of Mannar

(FFF)Arrange the following items in ascending order based on their size?
a. Methi seeds b. Cardamom c. Lemon d. Khus-Khus