NVOK 2012 – Episode 2

Questions from NVOK 2012 – Episode 2

(1000)To which food category do the words “muttai, veechu, kothu, chilli” belong to ?
a. dosai b. Parotta c. idli d. milk
Ans. Parotta

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(2000)Amongst these who uses the stethescope?
a. plumber b. electrician c. doctor d. lawyer
Ans. doctor

(3000)In cricket which of these is not a stroke?
a. cover drive b. straight drive c. on drive d. pen drive
Ans. pen drive

(5000)According to the hindu religion, kamadhenu belongs to which of these categories?
a. cow b. eagle c. elephant d. snake
Ans. cow

(10000)Which of these rivers flows through trichy?
a. kollidam b. yamuna c. thungabadra d. krishna
Ans. kollidam

(20000)Which of these do we get in Hb, 2B and B categories?
a. pen b. pencil c. trouser d. shirt
Ans. pencil

(40000)In which film does this song appear? Raja, rajathi raja intha raja
a. anjali b. thalapathi c. agni natchathiram d. iruvar
Ans. agni natchathiram

(80000)In India, whose birthday is celebrated as ‘teachers day’?
a. Radhakrishnan b. Vallabhai patel c. Apj Abdul kalam d. Mahatma gandhi
Ans. Radhakrishnan

(160000)Who published the the seventh part of the autobiography “nirpaasan(exile)” on 2nd February 2012?
a. Salman Rushti b. Taslima Nasrin c. Arundati Roy d. Monica Ali
Ans. Taslima Nasrin

(320000)Who was the man of the match in the finals of the world cup 2011 cricket?
a. Virendar shewag b. sreesanth c. Yuvaraj singh d. Ms Dhoni
Ans. Ms Dhoni

(1000)Fill in the gap “katrathu kaimaan alavu kallathathu —— alavu”
a. veedu b. ooru c. naadu d. oolaku
Ans. oolaku

(2000)Which of the following would you deliver as a bowler in a cricket match?
a. hubli b. google c. mougli d. googly
Ans. googly

(3000)Amongst the following programmes, in which one did sai charan win the title?
a. kalakkapovathu yaru b. super singer c. jodi no 1 d. ungalil yar prabhudeva
Ans. super singer

(5000)Which of the following vegetables grows underground?
a. lady’s finger b. cabbage c. potato d. cauliflower
Ans. potato

FFF: Arrange the following places from the south to north
a. Delhi B. Kanyakumari C. Jaipur D. Mumbai