NVOK 2012 – Episode 19

Questions from NVOK 2012 – Episode 19

(1000)Amongst the following, of which company is Steve Wozniac a co-founder?
a. Microsoft b. IBM c. Apple d. AT&T
Ans. Apple

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(2000)How many commandments did Moses received from god?
a. 12 b. 15 c. 20 d. 10
Ans. 10

(3000)From the following, which one is P.M.K’s symbol?
a. Cycle b. mango c. hand d. murasu
Ans. mango

(5000)In the commonly used acronym ‘DRS’ in the game of cricket, what does ‘D’ refer to?
a. Doubt b. Decision c. Double d. Divine
Ans. Decision

(10000)In Tamil language ,how many ‘uyir yeluthu’kal are there?
a. 12 b. 216 c. 18 d. 246
Ans. 216

(20000)Which planet is not named after a Roman deity?
a. Jupiter b. Saturn c. Mercury d. Earth
Ans. Earth

(40000)The Periya puranam in praise of the 63 Nayanmars,was written by whom?
a. Sambandar b. Sundarar c. Sekkizhar d. Manikavasagar
Ans. Sekkizhar

(80000)Which of these cars was manufactured in the 1930s, was Adolf Hitler’s initiative?
a. Audi Dresden b. Mercedes A-class c. BMW Sedan d. Volkswagen beetle
Ans. Volkswagen beetle

(160000)Which neighboring country of India has a Dragon on its national flag?
a. Bangladesh b. Srilanka c. Myanmar d. Bhutan
Ans. Bhutan

(1000)In the following proverb ‘murthi sirithu keerthi perithu’ ,what is the meaning of ‘keerthi’
a. kural b. pugal c. selvam d. arivu
Ans. pugal

(2000)In the following, which desert is mostly in northern Africa?
a. Mongolian b. Thar c. Sahara d. Gobi
Ans. Sahara

(3000)In the following , which one is not included in vallinam?
a. sa b. ta c. ka d. ra
Ans. ra

(5000)In the film ‘Pasa malar’ who acted has Sivaji Ganesan’s sister?
a. Saroja devi b. Vaijayanthi mala c. K.R.Vijaya d. Savithri
Ans. Savithri

(10000)In which game do ‘Bangalore Royal Challengers and Delhi Daredevils meet each other?
a. Cricket b. Football c. Tennis d. Volleyball
Ans. Cricket

(20000)Veeramamunivar was the name given to which European?
a. GU. Pope b. Constanzo Beschi c. CF Andrews d. AO Hume
Ans. Constanzo Beschi

(40000)In the year 1806 , in which of these cities did the Indian Sepoys mutiny against the British East India company?
a. Barrackpore b. Chennai c. Vellore d. Meerut
Ans. Vellore

(80000)In these, who’s husband has not been a Prime minister?
a. Sonia Gandhi b. Menaka Gandhi c. Kamala Nehru d. Gursharan Gaur
Ans. Menaka Gandhi

(160000)Which of the following folk performing arts is associated with Subbu Arumugam?
a. tholpavai kuuthu b. therukuuthu c. silambattam d. villupattu
Ans. villupattu

(FFF)Arrange the following designations from the lower level to higher level
a. commissioner b. Inspector c. deputy commissioner d. constable

(FFF)Arrange the following Tamil proverb
a. minjinal b. nanju c. alavukku d. amirthamum

(FFF)Arrange the following states from east to west
a. Gujarat b. Assam c. West Bengal d. Himachal Pradesh