NVOK 2012 – Episode 17

Questions from NVOK 2012 – Episode 17

(1000)Fill up the following “minnuvadellam ———– alla”
a. kann b. penn c. mean d. ponn
Ans. ponn

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(2000)In which film did Rajinikanth,mamutty and Arvind Swamy acted together?
a. padayappa b. annamalai c. thalapathy d. Raja chinna roja
Ans. thalapathy

(3000)What is the name of the instrument lord shiva is having?
a. kadhayudham b. thirisulam c. etti d. vall
Ans. thirisulam

(5000)In the following , from which tree do we get karupatti ?
a. panai b. lemon c. moongil d. mango
Ans. panai

(10000)How many ‘uyir eluthukal’ are there in tamil language?
a. 18 b. 12 c. 246 d. 1
Ans. 12

(20000)What quantity is measured in ‘Amperes’?
a. water pressure b. weight c. height d. electric current
Ans. electric current

(40000)The Irula tribe are renowned experts in usually handling which of these animals?
a. cows b. snakes c. monkeys d. cats
Ans. snakes

(40000)Which of these words refers to a dry land suitable only for dry cultivation?
a. Nanjai b. Thottam c. Punjai d. Thoappu
Ans. Punjai

(80000)Which of these Monuments is named after a civil engineer?
a. JeeJeebhoy Tower, Mumbai b. Jantar mantar, Delhi c. Victoria memorial, Kolkata d. Eiffel tower, Paris
Ans. Eiffel tower, Paris

(80000)Which of the following places was Kattabomman the chieftain of?
a. Kulathoor b. Elayirampannai c. Melmandai d. Panchalankurichi
Ans. Panchalankurichi

(160000)How many characters are there in the Pan Card number issued by the Income Tax department of India?
a. 8 b. 10 c. 12 d. 9
Ans. 10

(320000)Which cricketer scored the most number of runs in one day Internationals held in the year 2011?
a. Jonathan Trott b. Shane Watson c. Virat Kohli d. Gautham Gambhir
Ans. Virat Kohli

(640000)which party did EVK Sampath form along with poet kannadasan in 1962?
a. Tamil National party b. Justice party c. Thazhthapattor munnetra kazhagam d. Tamil arasu kazhagam
Ans. Tamil National party

(1250000)Who among these was the son of the Magadha Emperor Bimbisara?
a. Ajatashatru b. Ashokar c. Udyabadra d. Samudragupta
Ans. Ajatashatru

(FFF)From the following words, form a song of the film ‘3’
a. this b. dee c. why d. kolaveri