NVOK 2012 – Episode 16

Questions from NVOK 2012 – Episode 16

(1000)According to the Tamil proverb “Thani maram ivatril ennavagamudiyathu?”
a. Log b. Forest c. Garden d. Grove(Thoppu)
Ans. Grove(Thoppu)

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(1000)In the movie Winner who is the leader of Varuthapadatha Valiba Sangam?
a. Esaki b. Kattathora c. Sunapana d. Kaipulla
Ans. Kaipulla

(2000)Which one of the following bird is used by the astrologers to predict the future?
a. Eagle b. Crow c. Parrot d. Sparrow
Ans. Parrot

(2000)How many does a Century have?
a. 1000 b. 100 c. 10000 d. 10
Ans. 100

(3000)In which of the following Avatar Lord Vishnu appeared as half human and half lion?
a. Varagan b. Matshiyan c. Koorman d. Narasimha
Ans. Narasimha

(3000)During the game of Football who is allowed to hold the ball with both hands from the penalty square?
a. Mid Fielder b. Half Back c. Centre Forward d. Goal Keeper
Ans. Goal Keeper

(5000)Which one of the following state is located in northern part of India?
a. Jammu Kashmir b. Himachal Pradesh c. Punjab d. Haryana
Ans. Jammu Kashmir

(5000)Which of the following stones is used to built Taj Mahal?
a. Granite b. Limestone c. Marble d. Slate
Ans. Marble

(10000)To which word the following terms are related to “Aanandha Sindu,Nondi Sindu,Kavadi Sindu and Lavani”?
a. Naatu Pura Isai Vagaigal b. Pommalatta Vagaigal c. Bharathanatiya muthiraigal d. Karnataka Sangeetha Ragangal
Ans. Naatu Pura Isai Vagaigal

(10000)What is the meaning of the title “Hafeez” given to the person belonging to Islam?
a. Person who memorized Holy Quran b. Who completed prayer c. Who went to Hajj d. Who came back from Mecca
Ans. Person who memorized Holy Quran

(20000)From which monument does the Prime Minister of India address the people on Independence Day?
a. India Gate b. Gateway of India c. Red Fort d. Jantar Mantar
Ans. Red Fort

(20000)Which one-time forensic scientist started the Viduthalai Chiruthaigal party?
a. V Gopalsamy b. Subramanian Swamy c. Thol Thirumavalavan d. Karthik Muthuraman
Ans. Thol Thirumavalavan

(20000)If you are reading the Athichuvadi and Kondranvendhan,whose work would you be reading?
a. Ramalinga Adigal b. Bharatiyar c. Avvaiyar d. Maraimalai Adigal
Ans. Avvaiyar

(40000)Who among the following is a grand daughter of the Carnatic Singer DK Pattamal?
a. Sowmya Srinivasan b. Nithyasree Mahadevan c. Sudha Raghunathan d. Bombay Jayashree
Ans. Nithyasree Mahadevan

(40000)What title was bestowed on Desiyavinayagam Pillai at the Tamil Sangam in 1940?
a. Kaviprabhu b. Kavimani c. Kaviarasan d. Kavignani
Ans. Kavimani

(80000)Which brother of Devaki was killed by Krishna?
a. Shakuni b. Shishupala c. Duryodhana d. Kamsa
Ans. Kamsa

(80000)Which of these traditionally is used to refer the Shiva temple at Chidambaram?
a. Rathnasabai b. Kanakasabai c. Chitrasabai d. Thamirasabai
Ans. Kanakasabai

(160000)In which Olympic event has India won the maximum number of gold medals?
a. Weightlifting b. Shooting c. Wrestling d. Field Hockey
Ans. Field Hockey

(160000)Which brand of betel nut was founded by Mr Safiullah of Pudukkottai?
a. Crane Paakku b. Nizam Paakku c. Roja Paakku d. ARR Sukantha Paakku
Ans. Nizam Paakku

(FFF)Arrange the following times of the day starting from beginning
a. Evening b. Early morning c. Afternoon d. Night

(FFF)Arrange the following people according to their date of birth
a. Rajendra Cholan b. Subramaniya Bharati c. Kattabomman d. Kamarajar