NVOK 2012 – Episode 14

Questions from NVOK 2012 – Episode 14

(1000)Fill up the following ————- mullai eedu
a. naavai b. povai c. mullai d. pallai
Ans. mullai

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(2000)From the following which one is the character name of manirathnam’s film?
a. Raman b. Ravanan c. Sita d. Hanuman
Ans. Ravanan

(3000)One of the BCCI’S head name is given to cricket stadium in Bangalore. Who is he?
a. AC Muthaiya b. MA Chidambaram c. M. Chinnasamy d. Sharad pawar
Ans. M. Chinnasamy

(5000)From the following which one we get in A3,A4 and A5 size?
a. Pencil b. Pant c. Shoe d. Paper
Ans. Paper

(10000)what is the meaning of ‘Hyper tension’
a. High BP b. Deaf c. short sight d. low BP
Ans. High BP

(20000)which of these is an Arupadai Veedu of Lord Muruga?
a. Thiruporur b. Thiruparankundram c. Thiruvanaikaval d. Thiruvanamalai
Ans. Thiruparankundram

(40000)Which place in Rajasthan was used as the test site for India’s first underground nuclear weapon detonation?
a. Pokhran b. Kota c. Bikaner d. Jaipur
Ans. Pokhran

(12,50,000)In the Mahabharata war, who among these was the last commander-in-chief of the kaurava army?
a. Dronocharya b. Salya c. karnan d. Ashwathama
Ans. Ashwathama

(25,00,000)which lawyer defended the accused in the collector Ashe murder trial and later went on to become the chief minister of the madras presidency?
a. T. Prakasam b. C.Rajagopalachari c. PT.Rajan d. A.Subbarayalu Reddiar
Ans. T. Prakasam

(50,00,000)As of 2011 who among these is the only cricketer to have been declared ‘Timed out’ in Ranji Trophy?
a. Ck Naidu b. Himanshu jadhav c. Hemulal yadhav d. Mohinder amarnath
Ans. Hemulal yadhav

(6,40,000)To commemorate whose return to India in 1915 is the ‘pravasi Bharathiya Divas celebrated in India every year?
a. JRD Tata b. Mahatma Gandhi c. Jawaharlal Nehru d. Swami Vivekananda
Ans. Mahatma Gandhi

(FFF)Arrange the following column of animals , based on their weight, starting from the heaviest
a. mouse b. Elephant c. cat d. Lion

(FFF)Arrange the following cities from south to north
a. Nagarkovil b. Kodaikanal c. Chennai d. Thirunelveli