NVOK 2012 – Episode 13

Questions from NVOK 2012 – Episode 13

(1000)——- oora kallum theyum
a. karapan b. theni c. vettukili d. erumbu
Ans. erumbu

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(2000)what is the character name of nagesh in Thiruvilayadal film released in 1956?
a. Nakeerar b. Mannan senbhaga pandiyan c. Tharumi d. pannapathiran
Ans. Tharumi

(3000)If we give 70 apples to ten persons , how much will one person get?
a. 10 b. 14 c. 7 d. 5
Ans. 7

(5000)Instead of finance minister, who else is producing budget in parliament?
a. b. c. Agriculture d. Railway
Ans. Railway

(10000)In which game the score comes like this 6-4,6-3,6-2?
a. volleyball b. tennis c. golf d. polo
Ans. tennis

(20000)what kind of vehicle is the INS Arihant?
a. Rescue Helicopter b. submarine c. destroyer d. Aircraft carrier
Ans. submarine

(20000)Which one of the royal dynasties had the “bow and arrow symbol on their flags?
a. cheras b. cholas c. pallavas d. pandiyas
Ans. cheras

(40000)Which of these is considered to be the normal body temperature of human adults in degrees Fahrenheit?
a. 95 degree F b. 98.6 degree F c. 99.6 degree F d. 100 degree F
Ans. 98.6 degree F

(40000)which of these characters from Hindu mythology shares his name with the National Airlines of Indonesia?
a. Narasimhar b. karudan c. Bhima d. Indra
Ans. karudan

(80000)which of these movements did Narendra Modi start in September 11?
a. sadbhavana mission b. satta parivardhan rata yatra c. vidyodaya mission d. jan chetna rath yatra
Ans. sadbhavana mission

(80000)How do we better know the Tamil writer AL Muthiah?
a. Maniyan b. valli c. sujatha d. kannadhasan
Ans. kannadhasan

(160000)which of these districts of Tamil Nadu does not share its borders with the state of Kerala?
a. Dindigul b. virudhunagar c. Madurai d. Tirupur
Ans. Madurai

(320000)The borders of which of these states lie furthest east of India/
a. Assam b. Arunachal Pradesh c. Manipur d. Nagaland
Ans. Arunachal Pradesh

(320000)Traditionally , which creature’s hide was used to make the musical instrument kanjira?
a. Deer b. Kaalai c. Udumbu d. Snake
Ans. Udumbu

(640000)who was the captain of the team when Tamil Nadu last won the Ranji Trophy?
a. VB Chandrasekar b. L.Sivaramakrishnan c. S.vasudevan d. K.Srikanth
Ans. S.vasudevan

(2500000)As of 2011, who among the following does not lend her name to the marriage assistance schemes implemented by the government of Tamil Nadu?
a. Dr.Darmambai ammayar b. Annai Theresa c. EVR.maniammayar d. Malar mugathammaiyar
Ans. Malar mugathammaiyar

(1,60,000)which name is to be added to sattanathapuram venkataraman to get the name of a popular playright actor?
a. mohan b. visu c. shekhar d. Ramasay
Ans. shekhar

(12,50,000)In which of these following languages these words almirah,koppai,ayya and maysai derived from?
a. french b. english c. portugese d. danish
Ans. portugese

(FFF)sequence the following options to form the tamil song
a. vetri b. kanbathillai c. manidharellam d. buddhi yulla