NVOK 2012 – Episode 12

Questions from NVOK 2012 – Episode 12

(1000)Fill up the following ———– sendra idamellam sirrapu
a. Rajavukku b. petrorukku c. katrorukku d. selvantharukku
Ans. katrorukku

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(1000)In cricket game , if the umpire raise his hands straight above his head means ,what is the score ?
a. 2 b. 6 c. 4 d. 1
Ans. 6

(2000)From the following, which one is used w.r.t a computer ?
a. GT b. HB c. GB d. BB
Ans. GB

(2000)In a 3 pin electric plug, apart from positive and negative pins , what is the third pin?
a. sky b. fire c. water d. earth
Ans. earth

(3000)If we divide 24 from 0 what is the answer ?
a. 24 b. 0 c. 1 d. -24
Ans. 0

(3000)What is the name of lord Shiva in Meenakshi amman kovil Madurai?
a. Lingeswarar b. Sarveswarar c. Sundareswarar d. Akambareswarar
Ans. Sundareswarar

(5000)Which team did Lionel Messi played football?
a. Brazil b. Spain c. Italy d. Argentina
Ans. Argentina

(5000)What is the name of the Jansi rani , who faught against the british in 1858?
a. Onnake obava b. Lakshmi bai c. Rasiya sultan d. Agalya bai holkar
Ans. Lakshmi bai

(10000)What are the two names given to Ranjinikanth in the film ‘Thillu Mullu’?
a. Indiran-Madiran b. Chandiran-Endhiran c. Indhiran-Chandiran d. Thandiran-Indhiran
Ans. Indhiran-Chandiran

(20000)In which disipline did Amartya Sen win a Noble prize?
a. Peace b. Physics c. Chemistry d. Economics
Ans. Economics

(40000)In the Valmiki Ramayana, which of these kingdoms did Vali and Sugriva rule?
a. Kosala kingdom b. Mathura kingdom c. kishkintha kingdom d. Masthya kingdom
Ans. kishkintha kingdom

(80000)What title meaning ‘one blessed by saraswathi’ was given to the son of Chinnaswamy Subramaniya Iyer and Lakshmi ammal for his knowledge?
a. Vidyarthi b. Medhan c. Kadambaran d. Bharathi
Ans. Bharathi

(160000)Which of these is primarily added to steel to obtain ‘stainless steel’?
a. Lithium b. Chromium c. Bronze d. Copper
Ans. Chromium

(160000)If you headed longitudinally south in a straight line from kanyakumari , which of these would you reach?
a. Africa b. Antartica c. Sri Lanka d. Australia
Ans. Antartica

(320000)In which state is ‘Naxalbari’ from which the naxalite movement takes it’s name, located?
a. Odisha b. Jharkhand c. West Bengal d. Bihar
Ans. West Bengal

(640000)which king brought water from the ganges to chola kingdom and earned the title ‘Gangai konda Cholan’?
a. Rajaraja 1 b. Rajendra 1 c. Kulothunga d. Karikala
Ans. Rajendra 1

(FFF)Arrange the following presidents in the order in which they occupied the post
a. APJ Abdhulkalam b. R.Venkataraman c. KR.Narayanan d. Prathiba patel

(FFF)Arrange the following according to their values from the smallest to the biggest
a. 50 rupees b. 50 paise c. 5 rupees d. 5 paise