NVOK 2012 – Episode 11

Questions from NVOK 2012 – Episode 11

(1000)Among these, which animal is used by Dhobis?
a. horse b. donkey c. sheep d. buffalo
Ans. donkey

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(2000)In Tamilnadu, which place is famous for thalayatti bommai?
a. Ariyallur b. Perambalur c. Thanjavur d. Thiruvarur
Ans. Thanjavur

(3000)What did Rama break during his suyamvaram?
a. mirror b. chariot c. sword d. Bow
Ans. Bow

(5000)which of these diseases will spread due to a dog’s bite?
a. Tetanus b. Rabies c. Dengue d. malaria
Ans. Rabies

(10000)Among the following , which game is Sania related to?
a. tennis b. Badminton c. squash d. table tennis
Ans. Badminton

(20000)which of these names do not belong to lord Muruga?
a. Kandan b. Karthikeyan c. Subramaniyan d. Ruthran
Ans. Ruthran

(20000)Who wrote the work ‘Arthamulla Indhumatham’?
a. kothamangalam subbu b. Krishna nivas c. kannadhasan d. varadharasanar
Ans. kannadhasan

(40000)which party won 224 out of 403 seats in the 2012 uttar pradesh Assembly election?
a. Bahujan samaj party b. Indian National congress c. Samajwadi party d. Bharatiya Janata party
Ans. Samajwadi party

(40000)Which country is the pro-democracy leader and the noble peace winner Aung san suu kyi from?
a. Laos b. Cambodia c. Myanmar d. Vietnam
Ans. Myanmar

(80000)The name of which of these rivers appears in the title of a popular novel by Kalki Krishnamoorthy?
a. Parambikulam b. pambar c. palar d. ponni
Ans. ponni

(80000)As of 2011, which of these comedians has never acted with Kamal Hasan in films?
a. Senthil b. vadivelu c. Goundamani d. vivek
Ans. vivek

(160000)In collaboration with which country was the BrahMos missile, test fired from pokhran in 2012, made?
a. Israel b. Russia c. France d. USA
Ans. Russia

(320000)What does the C in (arignar anna) CN Annadurai’s name stand for?
a. Chennai b. Kannjeevaram c. Coimbatore d. Chinnalampatti
Ans. Conjeevaram

(FFF)According to their price , arrange the following starting from the one with the least price
A.one k.g paruthi B.one kilo gold C.one k.g venkalam D. one kilo velli