NVOK 2012 Episode 1

Questions from NVOK 2012 – Episode 1

(1000)According to tamil tradition, , which leaf is used during marriages for serving food?
a. Tamarai elai b. Arasa elai c. ma elai d. vazhai elai
Ans. vazhai elai

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(2000)Who is called ‘vagai puyal’?
a. Goundamani b. Vadivelu c. Vivek d. Santhanam
Ans. Vadivelu

(3000)From the following cards ,which card is used in railways as I.D CARD?
a. Post card b. Greeting card c. Pan card d. Visiting card
Ans. Pan card

(5000)From the following devices which one is used for identifying a bone fracture?
a. Z-ray b. Y-ray c. X-ray d. Q-ray
Ans. X-ray

(10000)From the following, which one is not a hill station?
a. Kodaikanal b. Ooty c. Yercaud d. Kadalur
Ans. Kadalur

(20000)Which of the following books is not written by Cho Ramasamy?
a. Washingtonil Nallathambi b. Yaro ivar yaro c. thuklak padam edukirar d. Enn iniya Eyadhira
Ans. Enn iniya Eyadhira

(20000)What is the name of the city which is specified in this song (Which song?)
a. San Jose b. san francisco c. New York d. Los Angeles
Ans. New York

(40000)Which two north Indian states is having Chandigarh has its capital?
a. Haryana and Himachal Pradesh b. Himachal Pradesh and Punjab c. Punjab and Haryana d. Uttarkhand and Punjab
Ans. Punjab and Haryana

(80000)Under Balachander’s direction, in actor sunderrajan’s film ‘Chandrakanth’, what is the name of the military role he performed?
a. Colonel b. Major c. Captain d. Lieutenant
Ans. Major

(160000)According to the ‘Gospel of john’ who was the first person to see Jesus christ after his resurrection?
a. Saint peter b. Mary Magdalene c. Annai marry d. Saint Paul
Ans. Mary Magdalene

(FFF)According to basis of time arrange the following
a. 1 minute b. 1 year c. 1 week d. 1 month

(FFF)Arrange the following prime ministers according to their ruling period of time
a. Doctor Manmohan singh b. Lal Bhahadhur sastri c. Morarji Desai d. Jawaharlal Nehru