Last Episode of KBC 7 – Episode 36 – December 1

Questions from episode 36 dated December 1, 2013 from KBC Season 7

Q(10000): Which of these words means ‘revolution’ in Arabic?
A. Isteqbaal B. Intikhaab C. Inquilab D. Intequam
Ans : C. Inquilab

Q(20000): In cricket, which of these modes of dismissals always involves the wicket-keeper ?
A. LBW B. Caught and Bowled C. Run Out D. Stumping
Ans : D. Stumping

Q(80000) : Which of these is the administrative head of a district in India ?
Ans: A. DM (District Magistrate or Collector or Deputy Commissioner)

Q(160000): Which scholar started the Mohammedan Anglo Oriental College which later became the Aligarh Muslim University ?
A. Syed Ahmad Khan B. Muhammad Iqbal C. Maulana Mohomed Ali D. Dr Zakir Hussain
Ans : A. Syed Ahmad Khan

Q(320000): Which is the oldest mountain range in India ?
A. Nilgiris B. Aravalli C. Vindhya D. Satpura
Ans : B. Aravalli

Q(640000) : In October 2013, which actress was honored by the British House of Commons ?
A. Vidya Balan B. Madhuri Dixit C. Kareena Kapoor D. Sonakshi Sinha
Ans : C. Kareena Kapoor

Q(1250000): What was the first Grand Slam tennis title won by Sania Mirza ?
A. US Open B. Australian Open C. Wimbledon D. French Open
Ans : B. Australian Open

Q(2500000) : Which ruler of the Delhi Sultanate was called ‘Lakh Baksh’ for his generosity ?
A. Firoz Tughlaq B. Alauddin Khilji C. Qutb-ud-din Aibak C. Bahlul Lodi
Ans : C. Qutb-ud-din Aibak

Q(5000000): The president of which African country was conferred the Indira Gandhi Peace Prize in September 2013 ?
A. Nigeria B. Kenya C. Ethiopia D. Liberia
Ans : D. Liberia

Q(10000000): Who is the first Indian Women to conquer the highest peak of all seven continent ?
A. Bachendri Pal B. Santosh Yadav C. Premlata Agrawal D. Sucheta Kandethankar
Ans : C. Premlata Agrawal

Q(30000000): In Which theatre was ‘ Raja Harishchandra’ , India’s first feature film, commercially released 100 years ago on 3rd May ?
A. Coronation Cinematograph B. Olympia theatre C. Maratha Mandir D. Edward Theatre
Ans : A. Coronation Cinematograph (Premiere at Olympic Theatre)

Q(30000000): Who presented the National flag to the constituent Assembly on 14 August 1947 on behalf of the Women of India ?
A. Sarojini Naidu B. Vijay laxmi Pandit C. Laxmi Sehgal D. Hansa Mehta
Ans : D. Hansa Mehta

Jackpot: Which scientist has been named for the Bharat Ratna in 2013?
A: Prof C N R Rao B: Pro U R Rao C: Prof Yash Pal D: Dr K Radhakrishnan
Ans; Prof C N R Rao