KBC 8 – Episode 9 – September 1

(20000)What are bye and leg bye?
a. Forms of greeting b. cricketing terms c. types of bhangra d. dance moves
Ans. cricketing terms

(40000)Identify the voice from this audio clip
a. Gul Panag b. Rakhi Sawant c. Moon moon sen d. Kiran Kher
Ans. Kiran Kher

(80000)on 17th July 2014, Malaysia airlines flight MH 17 was shot down in which county?
a. Russia b. Mali c. Ukraine d. Romania
Ans. Ukraine

(1,60,000)Which of these asuras had a boon that only a son of Shiva could kill him?
a. Tarakasura b. Sunda c. Bhasmasura d. Mahabali
Ans. Tarakasura

(3,20,000)The first bullet train proposed in 2014-15 railway budget, will connect which two cities?
a. Delhi-Agra b. Bengaluru-Chennai c. Mumbai -Ahmedabad d. Mumbai-Pune
Ans. Mumbai -Ahmedabad

(6,40,000)Ruksar Khatoon is the final documented case of which disease in India?
a. polio b. small pox c. hepatitis A d. measles
Ans. polio

(12,50,000)Which of these fabrics is named after a city in Iraq?
a. mohair b. tussar c. muslin d. angora
Ans. muslin

(FFF)Starting with the earliest arrange these leaders in order in which they became prime minister.
a. Rajiv Gandhi b. Narendra Modi c. Manmohan Singh d. Lal Bahadur Shastri

(5000)Complete this Hindi saying, “Duwidha me dono gaye,___ mili na Rama”, which means that a confused person loses everything
a. Hema b. maya c. jaya d. sushma
Ans. maya

(10000)On a football field which of these is nearest to the goal post?
a. Corner arc b. Penalty mark c. Halfway line d. Central circle
Ans. Penalty mark

(20000)What number is halfway between 11 and 19?
a. 13 b. 14 c. 15 d. 16
Ans. 15

(40000)Which of these snake names is derived from a Portuguese word meaning snake with a hood?
a. Python b. Russell’s viper c. krait d. cobra
Ans. cobra