KBC 8 – Episode 7 – August 27

(FFF)Starting from the beginning, arrange the following Hindu rituals in the order in which they occur.
a. Haldi lagana b. roka c. kanyadan d. varmala

(5000)According to a Hindi proverb, how does a dudh ka jala drink his chanch?
a. nitar nitar kar b. soongh soongh kar c. phook phook kar d. ithla ithla kar
Ans. phook phook kar

(10000)Which is the only one of these creatures to not walk on four legs?
a. Giraffe b. ostrich c. Rhinoceros d. gorilla
Ans. ostrich

(20000)Which of these is shorter than 1 inch?
a. 2 centimeter b. 3 centimeter c. 4 centimeter d. 5 centimeter
Ans. 2 centimeter

(40000)In which film does this song feature?
a. Revolver Rani b. Rascals c. Tanu weds Manu d. Queen
Ans. Queen

(80000)For what offence was footballer Luis Suarez banned for 9 international matches in 2014?
a. Head butting b. bitting c. Failing the dope test d. Slapping the referee
Ans. bitting

(1,60,000)In the Mahabharata, who among these was the uncle of Ghototkach?
a. Barbarika b. Jarashandha c. Hidimb d. Shikhandi
Ans. Hidimb

(3,20,000)Which of these MPs became the first BJP leader to present the rail budget in the Parliament?
a. Sadanand Gowda b. Ram Naik c. Yaswant Sinha d. Jaswant Singh
Ans. Sadanand Gowda

(6,40,000)Which monarch sat on the British throne during the First war of Indian Independence?
a. George the third b. Elizabeth l c. Edward VII d. Queen Victoria
Ans. Queen Victoria

(12,50,000)The world’s largest island Greenland is an autonomous region within the kingdom of which country?
a. England b. Denmark c. Belgium d. Netherlands
Ans. Denmark

(FFF)Arrange these teams from the hockey India league from north to south.
a. Punjab warriors b. Ranchi Rhinos c. Uttar Pradesh Wizards d. Mumbai magicians

(5000)Which dance did yo yo Honey Singh sing about in a 2013 song?
a. Pagdi b. Saree c. Lungi d. Disco
Ans. Lungi

(10000)On which of these Google apps are you most likely to see a satellite view of your city?
a. Google hangouts b. Google maps c. Google drive d. Picasa
Ans. Google maps

(20000)Which of these fractions is of the greatest value?
a. 1÷4 b. 1÷3 c. 1÷2 d. 1÷1
Ans. 1÷1

(40000)Which sport will be played in the proposed Indian Super League?
a. Football b. Tennis c. Badminton d. Formula 1
Ans. Football

(80000)Which corporate personality’s voice is this?
a. Asim Premji b. Nandan Nilekani c. Ratan Tata d. N R Narayana Murthy
Ans. N R Narayana Murthy