KBC 8 – Episode 5 – August 25

(FFF) starting with the easternmost,arrange these women chief ministers according to their respective states in clockwise direction.
a. Vasundhara Raje b. Anandiben Patel c. J Jaylalithaa d. Mamata Banerjee

(5000)In Hindu marriages what do bridal couples exchange at mandaps?
a. mobile numbers b. jalebis c. visiting cards d. garlands
Ans. garlands

(10000)Which of these is measured with the help of a glucometer?
a. heartbeat b. blood pressure c. blood sugar d. vision
Ans. blood sugar

(20000)Identify the language of the song played in the audio clip
a. Gujarati b. Marathi c. Marwari d. Punjabi
Ans. Marathi

(40000)With which of these states does Telengana not share its border?
a. Tamil Nadu b. Karnataka c. Chattisgarh d. Maharashtra
Ans. Tamil Nadu

(80000)How many watts equal a megawatt?
a. One hundred b. One thousand c. Ten thousand d. One lakh
Ans. One lakh

(1,60,000)Before 2014,when was the last time in India that a single party majority was formed at the centre?
a. 1991 b. 1990 c. 1984 d. 1999
Ans. 1984

(3,20,000)Who holds the record for scoring the fastest half century in IPL?
a. Corey Anderson b. Yusuf Pathan c. Robin Uthappa d. Glen Maxwell
Ans. Yusuf Pathan

(6,40,000)What discovery in 1823 is credited to the British official Robert Bruce?
a. oil b. tea c. Murga silk d. jute
Ans. tea

(FFF)Arrange these films in increasing order of the numbers mentioned in their titles.
a. Sholay 3D b. Ek Villain c. 2states d. Dedh Ishqiya

(5000)What would you be using in India if you needed an STD code?
a. ATM b. photo copier c. computer d. telephone
Ans. Telephone

(10000)Identify the film from this audio clip
a. om shanti om b. main hu na c. Chennai express d. Ra one
Ans. Chennai express

(20000)Which of these numbers is only divisible by 1 and itself?
a. 12 b. 13 c. 14 d. 15
Ans. 13

(40000)Which of these is not a Dravidian language?
a. Tamil b. Karnataka c. Malyalam d. Assamese
Ans. Assamese

(80000)Which Parliamentarian is the author of 1001 animal quiz, Fish Quiz, Bird quiz and Insect Quiz?
a. Harshimrat Kaur Badal b. Maneka Gandhi c. Najma Heptulla d. Supriya Sule
Ans. Maneka Gandhi

(1,60,000)In 2014,on which ground did India win a test match after 28 years?
a. The oval b. MCG c. Lord’s d. Bristol
Ans. Lord’s

(3,20,000)Which of these animals is the largest member of the dog family?
a. jackal b. Hyena c. Wolf d. Fox
Ans. Wolf