KBC 8 – Episode 3 – August 20

(3,20,000)Effective on may 2014,the European union imposed a temporary ban on the import of which of these fruits from India?
a. banana b. litchi c. mango d. pineapple
Ans. mango

(6,40,000)Where did Homi Jehangir Bhaba,the principal architect of India’s nuclear program, die in a plane crash?
a. Mont Blanc b. Monte Rosa c. Mount Ararat d. Mount Elbrus
Ans. Mont Blanc

(12,50,000)whose autobiography is titled ‘Man of Everest’ also published as ‘Tiger of the snows’?
a. Sir Edmund Hillary b. George Mallory c. Major H P S Aluhwalia d. Tenzing Norgay
Ans. Tenzing Norgay

(FFF)Starting from the top, arrange these in order in which they appear on Lord Shiva’s body.
a. Third eye b. The moon c. Kundal d. Tiger skin

(5000)What is gulab jamun a type of?
a. A flower b. A fruit c. A tree d. A sweet
Ans. A sweet

(10000)In the film 2 states, a Punjabi boy falls in love with a ___ girl
a. Bengali b. Marathi c. Tamil d. Malayali
Ans. Tamil

(20000)What is the minimum number of coins of current denomination that will add up to make 8 Indian rupees?
a. two b. three c. four d. five
Ans. three

(40000)Which of these sports has 22 players playing on the field at the same time?
a. cricket b. hockey c. rugby d. badminton
Ans. hockey

(80000)Who is singing the lines of this very popular song?
a. Alia Bhatt b. Kareena Kapoor c. Shruti Haasan d. Shraddha Kapoor
Ans. Shraddha Kapoor

(1,60,000)Which of these countries is larger than India in territorial space?
a. Australia b. Argentina c. Kazakhstan d. Iran
Ans. Australia

(3,20,000)Who recently became the first woman director in the board of Reliance Industries?
a. Kokilaben Ambani b. Deepti Salgaonkar c. Nitu Ambani d. Nina Kothari
Ans. Nitu Ambani

(6,40,000)Which of these battles didn’t involve the Mughal army?
a. Battle of Buxar b. Battle of Haldighati c. Second battle of Panipath d. Third battle of Panipath
Ans. Third battle of Panipath

(FFF)Starting with the smallest, arrange these sports according to the size of their field of play.
a. hockey b. table tennis c. basketball d. golf

(5000)In a 2014 film, Vidya Balan’s character Bilkis Ahmed is also known by what other name?
a. Babli Badmash b. Bobby Jasoos c. Bebo Badmash d. Baby Doll
Ans. Bobby Jasoos

(10000)Which of these is a popular crisp snack prepared with besan and spices?
a. Junagadhi Khandvi b. Kalkattia Sondesh c. bikaneri bhujia d. veg kolhapuri
Ans. bikaneri bhujia