KBC 8 – Episode 2 – August 19

(20000)On which festival is this song performed in the film?
a. Diwali b. Janmashtami c. Ganesh Chaturthi d. Holi
Ans. Holi

(40000)Which of these spices is the smallest in size?
a. Jeera b. Saunf c. Ajwain d. Methi Seeds
Ans. Ajwain

(80000)If Jwala Gutta and Ashwini compete as partners,in which sport are they participating?
a. Tennis b. Badminton c. Squash d. Table Tennis
Ans. Badminton

(1,60,000)Which battle in 1757 marked the beginning of British occupation in India?
a. Buxar b. Cuddalore c. Plassey d. Assaye
Ans. Plassey

(3,20,000)What kind of creature was Bakasur, whom Kansa sent to kill Sri Krishna in his childhood?
a. Bird b. Snake c. Lizard d. Deer
Ans. Bird

(6,40,000)Which is the second most spoken language of Nepal?
a. Bajjika b. magahi c. Bhojpuri d. Maithili
Ans. Maithili

(12,50,000)Who are the only married couple elected to the 16th Lok Sabha?
a. Sukhbir Singh-Harshimrat Kaur Badal b. Pappu Yadav-Ranjeet Ranjan c. Prakash-Brinda Karat d. Priya Ranjan-Deepa Dasmunshi
Ans. Pappu Yadav-Ranjeet Ranjan

(FFF)Arrange these film stars in order of their debut as a hero in Hindi films.
a. Ranveer Singh b. Siddharth Malhotra c. Tiger Shroff d. Farhaan Akhtar

(5000)Which of these stages is one of the four stages of human life in ancient Indian tradition?
a. Dronacharya b. Vasudevacharya c. Kripacharya d. Bramhacharya
Ans. Bramhacharya

(10000)In which of these two sports is the term ‘free hit’ used?
a. football, squash b. badminton, tennis c. hockey, cricket d. boxing, wrestling
Ans. hockey, cricket

(20000)Which of these medical conditions is most likely to cause dehydration?
a. Malaria b. Tetanus c. Beriberi d. Diarrhoea
Ans. Diarrhoea

(40000)Identify the song from the audio clip
a. Tere Naina b. Naino me sapna c. Naina Dagabaaz re d. Tere mast mast do nain
Ans. Naino me sapna

(80000)Who is the only MP in the current Lok Sabha who is also an Olympic medalist?
a. Abhinav Bindra b. Karnam Maleshwari c. Rajyavardan Singh Rathore d. Gagan Narang
Ans. Rajyavardan Singh Rathore

(1,60,000)In which state is the Larji Hydroelectric Power Project located?
a. Uttarakhand b. Himachal Pradesh c. Sikkim d. Jammu and Kashmir
Ans. Himachal Pradesh

(3,20,000)During which of these legendary events did Lord Vishnu take the form of Kurma?
a. Hiranyakashipu Sanhar b. Kaliya Naag Mardan c. Samudra Manthan d. Kurukshetra Yudh
Ans. Samudra Manthan