KBC 8 – Episode 1 – August 18

(FFF)Starting with the smallest, arrange these words in increasing order of the numbers represented in them.
a. Panchatatva b. Triguna c. Ekaksha d. Ashtsiddhi

(5000)Which of the following corresponds to ‘ek bataa do’?
a. Sawa b. Pura c. Adha d. Pauna
Ans. Adha

(10000)Which of the following gods is also known as ‘Gauri Nandan’?
a. Agni b. Ganesha c. Indra d. Hanuman
Ans. Ganesha

(20000)In the game of ludo the discs or tokens are of how many colours?
a. Three b. Two c. One d. Four
Ans. Four

(40000)Which leader’s voice is this?
a. Sushma Swaraj b. Smriti Irani c. Sheela Dikshit d. Menaka Gandhi
Ans. Sushma Swaraj

(80000)Which of these are names of national parks located in Madhya Pradesh?
a. Krishna and Kanhaiya b. Ghanshyam and Murari c. Kanha and Madhav d. Girdhar and Gopal
Ans. Kanha and Madhav

(1,60,000)Where was the BRICS summit held in 2014?
a. Brazil b. India c. Russia d. China
Ans. Brazil

(3,20,000)Who wrote the introduction to the English translation of Rabindranath Tagore’s Gitanjali?
a. P.B. Shelley b. T.S. Elliot c. W.B. Yeats d. Alfred Tennyson
Ans. W.B. Yeats

(6,40,000)Which of these leaders was a recipient of a gallantry award in 1987 by a state government for saving two girls from drowning?
a. Mamata Banerjee b. Anandiben Patel c. Vasundhara Raje Scindia d. Uma Bharti
Ans. Anandiben Patel

(12,50,000)The wife of which of these famous sportspersons was once captain of Indian volleyball team?
a. K.D.Jadav b. Milkha Singh c. Dhyan Chand d. Prakash Padukone
Ans. Milkha Singh

(FFF)Starting with the earliest, arrange the following events in Narendra Modi’s life in chronological order.
a. CM of Gujarat b. Took oath as PM c. Joined BJP d. Became RSS Pracharak

(5000)Which of these terms can only be used for women?
a. Dirghaayu b. Chiranjeevi c. Suhagan d. Sushil
Ans. Suhagan

(10000)Which of these sports requires you to shout out a word loudly during play?
a. Chess b. Ludo c. Playing cards d. Kho-kho
Ans. Kho-kho