KBC 8 – Episode 11 – September 3

(25,00,000)Who was the cabinet minister for information and broadcasting during the first BJP led government at the centre?
a. Sushma Swaraj b. Arun Jaitley c. Ravi Shankar Prasad d. Pramod Mahajan
Ans. Sushma Swaraj

(50,00,000)Which toxic gas was first to be used in chemical warfare in World War 1?
a. Hydrogen sulphide b. carbon monoxide c. nitrogen dioxide d. chlorine
Ans. chlorine

(FFF)Starting with the topmost,arrange these human organs mentioned I’m these conditions from head to toe.
a. pet me jalan b. dil ka daura c. pair ki moch d. sir ka dard

(5000)According to a Hindi proverb, a person falling from where gets stuck in a kajur tree?
a. swarg b. aasmaan c. chand d. narak
Ans. aasmaan

(10000)In which of these games does a player have to target animated pigs?
a. temple run b. candy crush saga c. angry birds d. super mario bros
Ans. angry birds

(20000)Which of these can be brought in sarafa bazaar?
a. Pair of bullocks b. gold coins c. Jersey cow d. mugha silk
Ans. gold coins

(80000)in the production of mulberry silk the leaves of which tree is the staple diet of the silkworms?
a. Shahtut b. babool c. kadamb d. eucalyptus
Ans. Shahtut

(1,60,000)Who tweeted in may 2014, “Thank u v much PM @narendramodi for the beautiful shawl for my grandmother?
a. Sujata Koirala b. Bilawal Bhutto c. Maryam Shariff d. Hina Rabbani Khar
Ans. Maryam Shariff

(3,20,000)According to Devi Bhagwat, which of these apsaras emerged from the thigh of the hermit Narayana?
a. Menaka b. Urvashi c. Rambha d. Tilottama
Ans. Urvashi