KBC 8 – Episode 10 – September 2

(1,60,000)The Gaza strip is bordered by which two countries?
a. Israel and Egypt b. Israel and Jordan c. Israel and Syria d. Israel and Saudi Arabia
Ans. Israel and Egypt

(FFF)Starting from west to easy arrange these famous food items in the order you will reach the cities they ate associated with.
a. Agra ka petha b. Jaipur ka gewar c. Lucknow ke kebab d. Kolkata ke phucchke

(5000)An illiterate person can also be called what?
a. Ungli mar b. Lath tod c. angutha chap d. laal ka bhut
Ans. angutha chap

(10000)the sign for which mathematical function is the logo of the Red Cross society?
a. addition b. subtraction c. multiplication d. division
Ans. addition

(20000)Other than cricket which game also has a striker?
a. chess b. ludo c. kho kho d. carrom
Ans. carrom

(40000)Which of these is not a port city on the Arabian sea?
a. Mangalore b. Panaji c. Visakhapatnam d. Mumbai
Ans. Visakhapatnam

Which of these is an essential component of most acids?

a. nitrogen b. hydrogen c. oxygen d. helium
Ans. hydrogen

(1,60,000)Which city in rajasthan lends its name to the artificial limbs made by bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti?
a. Ajmer b. Jaipur c. Udaipur
d. Bikaner
Ans. Jaipur

(3,20,000)M K Narayaan,B L Joshi, B V Wanchoo were all serving in what capacities when they resigned in 2014?
a. cabinet ministers b. Chief ministers c. governors d. supreme court judges
Ans. governors

(6,40,000)On which mythical character’s wish did yamraj return the sight of her blind father in law Dyumatsen and also his kingdom?
a. savitri b. Shakuntala c. Ahilya d. Gandhari
Ans. savitri

(12,50,000)With whom did legendary actress and dance Zohra Sehgal start her dance career?
a. Lacchu Maharaj b. Shambhu Maharaj c. Uday Shankar d. Kelucharan Mahapatra
Ans. Uday Shankar