KBC 8 – Episode 0 – August 17

Questions from episode 1 of KBC 2014 Season 8 – August 17

FFF : Arrange the cities mentioned in these pro-kabaddi team names from the northernmost.
A. Jaipur Pink Panthers B. Bengaluru Bulls C. Puneri Paltan D. Dabang Delhi
Ans : DACB

Q(5000): what sweet comes next in the lullaby beginning “Lalla Lalla Lori, Doodh ki Katori, Doodh mein…”
Ans: C.Batasha

Q(10000): In medicine, which of these is usually denoted by 120/80 for an adult?
A: Normal Pulse B: Normal Hearing C: Normal vision D: Normal Blood Pressure
Ans: D: Normal BP

Q(20000): Which of these words occurs more than once in our national anthem?
A: Uchchala B: Jaladhi C: Bhagya D: Mangala
Ans: C. Bhagya

Q(80000): Which of these movie stars has Alia Bhatt not yet kissed on screen?
A: Arjun Kapoor B: Sidharth Malhotra C: Varun Dhawan D: Sidharth Shukla
Ans: D: Sidharth Shukla

Q(160000): Which sportswoman was made the brand ambassador of the newly formed state of Telangana?
A: Sania Mirza

Q(320000): Which of these sarees derives it name from that of three parsi brothers who learnt this art in China and introduced it to India?
A: Tanchoi

Q(640000): Who advised Mahatma Gandhi to take a tour of the whole country before becoming active in national politics?
A: Gopal Krishna Gokhale

Q(1250000): What acronym did economist Kim O’Neill coin in a paper titled “Building Better Global Economic ___”?

FFF: Starting from Jan, arrange these festivals in the order they occur during the year
A: Holi B: Christmas C: Makar Sankranti D: Diwali

FFF: Arrange the following matches in the order in which they are held in FIFA world cup
A: Semi Finals B: Group Matches C: Quarter Finals D: Final

FFF: Arrange these weights in increasing order
A: Aath Kilo B: Aath Gram C: Aath Ton D: Aath Quintal

Q(10000): Which weapon is Lord Shiva usually shown carrying in his hand?
A: Mace B: Sword C: Trident D: Bow
Ans: C: Trident

Q(80000): Which of these personalities has appeared as a contestant on KBC?
A: Aishwayra Rai B: Hrithink Roshan C: Smriti Irani D: Rajdeep Sardesai
Ans: C.Smriti Irani

Q(160000): Which of these leaders attended the swearing in ceremony of Narendra modi as PM?
A: Barack Obama B: David Cameron C: Mamnoon Hussain D: Hamid Karzai
Ans: D: Hamid Karzai

Q(320000): In Feb 2014, Indian-origin Satya Nadella became the CEO of which company?
Ans: Microsoft