KBC 7 – Episode 9 – September 22

Questions from episode 9 dated September 22, 2013 from KBC Season 7

GBBJ Question from september 22 Episode 9
Q: Out of these, which is not the initial of any of the past Prime ministers?
Ans: D.LK
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Q(5000): Boal, Tengra and Magur are all species of which marine creature?
A: Prawns B: Fish C: Crabs D; Turtles
Ans; B: Fish

Q(10000); Metal tools and machines are worshipped during which of these festivals?
A; Baisakhi B: Dhanteras C: Vishvakarma Puja D: Saraswati Puja
Ans; C: Vishvakarma Puja

Q(20000): Which of these is used as the universal symbol for the fight against HIV/AIDS?
A: Blue Circle B: Red Ribbon C: Pink Balloon D: White Bird
Ans: B: Red Ribbon

Q(5000): According to the song “Ghagra”, who is “Agra ki azeem funkara’ and “Noor e nazar”?
Ans: C: Mohatarma Mohini

Q(10000): Which of these is a popular game?
A; Twitter B: Angry Birds C: Whatsapp D: Instagram
Ans; B: Angry Birds

Q(20000); ‘Mona Darling’, played by Bindu and Mahie Gill in films , was an associate of which villain?
A: Teja B: Mogambo C: Gabbar C: Shakaal
Ans: A: Teja

Q(40000): Which of these is a type of Visa that allows free movement across most European countries?
A: Geneva B: Schengen C: Prague D: Maastricht
Ans; B: Schengen

Q(160000): Reita Faria, Diana Hayden and Yukta Mookhey have all won which of these titles?
A: Miss Universe B: Miss Earth C: Miss Asia Pacific D: Miss World
Ans: D: Miss World

Q(320000): Which football club won the English Premier League in 2012 after a gap of 44 years?
A: Queens Park Rangers B: Newcastle United C: Liverpool D: Manchester City
Ans: D: Manchester City

Q(640000): Which of these garments if named an atoll in the Marshall islands?
A: Capris B: Bikini C: Bermuda D: Hoodie
Ans: B: Bikini

Q(1250000): Mother of the late Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi was the Begum of which princely state of India?
A: Gwalior B: Alwar C: Bhopal D: Rampur
Ans: C: Bhopal