KBC 7 – Episode 8 – September 21

Questions from episode 8 dated September 21, 2013 from KBC Season 7

GBBJ Question from september 21 Episode 8
Q: Out of these games name the Match which can be won by an Innings ?
A. Football B. Badminton C. Cricket D. Kabaddi
Ans: C. Cricket
Entries received by 8:29:59 PM on 22th September 2013 will be considered valid

Q(160000): Which of these cricketers is credited with the invention of the doosra?
A: Harbhajan Singh B: Muttiah Muralitharan C: Saqlain Mushtaq D: Anil Kumble
Ans: C: Saqlain Mushtaq

Q(320000): What type of naval vehicle is the INS Sindhurakshak?
A: Destroyer B: Submarine C; Aircraft Carrier D: Patrol Vehicle
Ans; B: Submarine

Q(640000): Which place of worship is located between the Nar and Narayan mountains?
A: Kedarnath B: Badrinath C: Amarnath Cave D: Vaishno Devi
Ans: Badrinath

Q(1250000): In which city was Vasco Da Gama first buried?
A: Calicut B: Diu C: Vasco Da Gama D: Cochin
Ans: D: Cochin

FFF Q1: Starting from the front of a motor car, arrange these parts in correct order
A; Steering Wheel B: Backseat C; Headlights D: Dashboard

FFF Q2: Arrange these famous Hindi screen pairs from the earliest to the latest
A: Raj Kapoor – Nargis B: Govinda – Karisma C: Dharmendra – hema Malini D: Ranbir Kapoor – Deepika Padukone

FFF Q3: Arrange these states in the increasing order of members they send to the Lok Sabha
A: UP B: Maharashtra C: Sikkim D: Uttarakhand

Q(5000): In the title of a 2013 Hindi film, which of these characters is told to run?
A: Munna B: D K Bose C: Milkha D: Lola
Ans: C: Milkha

Q(10000): Which of these Indian cricketers are brothers?
A; Irfan and Yusuf Pathan B; Ravindra and Ajay Jadeja C: Bhuvneshwar and Vinay Kumar D: Ishant and Rohit Sharma
Ans: A; Irfan and Yusuf Pathan

Q(20000): What is the name of the dancing form of Lord Shiva that gained prominence in India during the Chola period?
A: Rudra B: Nataraja C: Ardhanarishwara D: Bhairava
Ans: B: Nataraja

Q(80000): In which district of Chhattisgarh did Maoists attack a convoy of Congress leaders on 25 May 2013?
A: Sukma B: Bastar C: Dantewada D: Mahasamund
Ans: B: Bastar

Q(160000); Which vitamin helps with blood clotting?
A: A B: B C: C D: K
Ans; D: Vitamin K

Q(320000): Wich of these personalities has also served as Deputy prime Minister of India?
A: Lal Bahadur Shastri B: L K Advani C: Gulzarilal nanda D: Arjun Singh
Ans; B: L K Advani

Q(640000); What name was given to the operation by the Indian Army to rescue stranded travellers from Uttarakhand during the 2013 floods?
A: Operation Sukun B: Operation Asha C: Operation Flood D: Operation Surya Hope
Ans: D: Operation Surya Hope

Q(1250000): In which of these sports has India never won silver medal at the Olympic games?
A: Boxing B: Hockey C: Wrestling D: Shooting
Ans: A: Boxing

Q(1250000): What is India’s first ingeniously developed passenger car?
A: Maruti 800 B: tata Indica C: Premier Padmini D: Ambassador
Ans; B: tata Indica

FFF Q1: Arrange these words to form a slogan by Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak
A: Hamara B: Janamsidh C: Adhikar hai D: Swaraj

FFF Q2; Arrange these customs for a bride in the order in which they take place during a wedding
A: Jaimala B: Vidai C: Mehendi D: Griha Pravesh

FFF Q3: Starting from the north and going clockwise, arrange these Indian Badminton League teams according ro the places menioned in their names
A: Hyderabad Hotshots B: Mumbai masters C: Delhi Smashers D; Awadh warriors