KBC 7 – Episode 7 – September 20

Questions from episode 7 dated September 20, 2013 from KBC Season 7

GBBJ Question from september 20 Episode 7
Q: Which of these films is oroduced and directed by Prakash Jha ?
A. Karo ya Maro B. Satyagrah C. Ahsayogh D. Swaraj
Ans: B. Satyagrah
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Q(1250000): Which of these creatures does not have both the male and female reproductive organs in the same body (Hermaphrodites)?
A: Earthworm B: Snail C: Black Sea Bass D:Termite
Ans: D: Termite

FFF Q: Arrange these words to form a Hindi proverb
A: Bikna B: Mol C: Ke D: Paani

FFF Q: Starting with the earliest, arrange these monuments in our national capital in the order they were built
A: Red Fort B: Akshardham Mandir C: Parliament House D: Qutab Minar

FFF Q: Starting from the first, arrange these characters from the Mahabharata in the order they appear in the epic
A; Shantanu B: Draupadi C: Kunti D; Abhimanyu

Q(5000): Which of these usually eaten hot?
A. Rasgulla B. Pakoda C. Laddu D. Faluda
Ans : B. Pakoda

Q(10000): According to the popular song by Shreya Ghosal , who arrives to light “beedi and chillam” with her “husn ki teeli” ?
A. Sharmilli Sheila B. Mazedaar Munni C. Meethi Jalebi D. Chikni Chameli
Ans : Chikni Chameli

Q(20000): Which of these is not a type of vitamin?
A. Vitamin A B. Vitamin X C. Vitamin D D. Vitamin E
Ans : B. Vitamin X

Q(80000): The newborn of which of these mammals weighs the heaviest ?
A. Blue Whale B. African Elephant C. Hippopotamus D. Giant Panda
Ans : A. Blue Whale

Q(160000): Which of these parties broke away from the NDA in June 2013, after a 17-year long alliance ?
A. Janata Dal (S) B. Telugu Desam Party C. Janata Dal (United) D. Biju Janata Dal
Ans : C. Janata Dal ( United)

Q(320000): Which one of these states is the largest in area ?
A. Assam B. Arunachal Pradesh C. Punjab D. Haryana
Ans : B. Arunachal Pradesh

Q(640000): Which of these sportsmen has not yet won the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award ?
A. Anju Bobby George B. Anjali Bhagwat C. Krishna Poonia D. Mary Kom
Ans : C. Krishna Poonia

Q(640000): Which poem are these lines from : “Nari tum keval Shraddha ho, Vishwas-rajat-nag- pagtal mein, Piyush-srot-si baha karo, Jivan ke sunder samtal hein” ?
A. Aansu B. Prem Pathik C. kaanan Kusum D. Kamayani
Ans : D. Kamayani

Q(1250000): Which is the only country, apart from India, where one can find the Indian rhinoceros in its natural Habitat ?
A. Bangladesh B. Nepal C. China D. Sri Lanka
Ans : B. Nepal

FFF Q: Arrange the following, from top to bottom, in order of the body parts on which the items mentioned in them are worn
A: Pagdi Bandhna B: Jutiya Ghissna C: Chudiyaan Penhnna D: Lungi Lapetna

FFF Q: Starting from the juniormost, arrange these ranks in the Indian Army in ascending order of seniority
A: Lieutenant Colonel B: general C: Colonel D: Lieutenant General

FFF Q: Arrange these famous women in chronological order of their birth
A: Sarojini Naidu B: Rani Lakshmibai C: Indira Gandhi D: Mumtaz Mahal

Q(5000): Complete this popular saying “Daane Daane par likha hai _________ ” ?
A. Ugaane waale ka kaam B. Kharidne waale kaa daam C. Pakaane waale ka paigam D. Khaane waale ka naam
Ans : D. Khaane waale ka naam

Q(10000): In geometry, if a shape has only three sides namely A, B and C, then what shape would that be ?
A. Rectangle B. Square C. Triangle D. Pentagon
Ans : C. Triangle

Jackpot Question: Which of these is not among the four Vedas?
A: Yajur B: Ayurved C: Rig D: Sama
Ans: B: Ayurved

Q(20000): Which of these films is the first Hindi film as a lead actor for a South Indian actor ?
A. Aashiqui 2 B. Raanjhanaa C. Fukrey D. Ghanchakkar
Ans : B. Raanjhanaa

Q(40000): Which of these is not a computer operating system ?
A. Apple OS X B. Linux C. Windows 8 D. Adobe Photoshop
Ans : D. Adobe Photoshop