KBC 7 – Episode 5 – September 14

Questions from episode 5 dated September 14, 2013 from KBC Season 7

GBBJ Question from september 14 Episode 5
Q: In the name of the festival “Dhanteras” what does the word “Teras” actually mean?
A. Name of Laxmi B. Day of Month C.Prosperity D. New Utensils
Ans: B. Day of Month
Entries received by 8:29:59 PM on 15th September 2013 will be considered valid

Q(320000)In 2013, India’s Pinki Sonkar flipped the coin for the toss for which of these events?
A)Wimbledon men’s singles Final B) First Ashes test C) Australian open Ladies Singles final D) Champions Trophy Final
Ans: A)Wimbledon men’s singles Final

Q(320000)Which gas is the most reactive of all chemical elements?
A) Oxygen B) Chlorine C) fluorine D) hydrogen
Ans: C. Flourine

FFF Question 1: Arrange these words in the correct order to form the title of a song honouring our national flag
A) Uncha B) Jahnda C) Hamara D) Rahe.

FFF Ques 2: Arrange these movies of Rohit Shetty as per their year of release from first to last.
A) Golmaal, B) Bol Bachchan, C) Chennai Express D) Golmaal Returns.

FFF Ques 3: Arrange these international airports from east to west
A) John f Kennedy Airport B) Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose C) Charles De Gaulle D) Jinnah

Q(5000): Which of these is a song picturised on Sharmila Tagore from the film ‘Amar Prem’?
A) Raina Beeti Jaye, B) Kohli Na Aye, C) Yuvi sateiyein, D) Gambhir rulaye
Ans: A) Raina Beeti Jaye

Q(10000): In the human body, what makes the pupil of an eye contract or dilate?
A) Hunger, B) Thirst, C) Light, D) Sound.
Ans: C. Light

Q(20000): NR Narayana Murthy was appointed Executive chairman of IT Giant in 2013?
A) Infosys, B) TCS, C) WIPRO, D) HCL
Ans: A. Infosys

Q(80000): What is the name of India’s first ever indigenous aircraft carrier launched in August 2013?
A) INS Viraat b) INS Shaurya C) INS chakra D) INS Vikrant.
Ans: D. INS Vikrant

Q(160000): BP Mandal, who chaired the second backward classes commission, also known as Mandal commission, served as chief minister of which state?
A) Uttar Pradesh, B) Bihar, C) West Bengal, D) Odisha
Ans: B. Bihar

Q(160000): Who is the author of the poem “Where the mind is without fear’?
A) Muhammad Iqbal, B) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee C) RabindraNath Tagore D) Sri Aurobindo.
Ans: C) RabindraNath Tagore

Q(320000): To reach which of these places do pilgrims start their journey on foot from Gauri Kund?
A) Badrinath, B) Kedarnath, C) Vaishano Devi, D) Amarnath.
Ans: B.Kedarnath

Q(640000): Which of these sportsmen started his carrier as a travelling ticket examiner with Indian railways?
A) Bhuvneshwar Kumar B) Shikhar Dhawan, C) Ravinder Jadeja, D) Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Ans: D) Mahendra Singh Dhoni

FFF Ques 1: Arrange these sons of kunti, of the Mahabharatha, in increasing order of their seniority.
A) Bheama, B) Karna, C) Yudhisthira D.Arjuna.

FFF Ques 2: Starting with the first, arrange these educational qualifications in the order in which one normally achieves them.
A) Graduate B) Matric C) Post graduate D) Doctrate

FF Ques 3: Starting with smallest, arrange these named in increasing order of the numbers represented in them.
A) Ashtaang, B) Ekdant C) Sahastrabhuja D. Dashavtaar.

Q(5000): A Batsman is most likely to be called ‘out of form’ because of which of the following ?
A. Not taking Wickets B. Not winning tosses C. Not bowling full tosses D. Not Scoring runs
Ans: D. Not Scoring runs

Q(10000): The increased level of which of these causes more humidity in the air ?
A. Dust B. Water vapour C. Smoke D. Sunlight
Ans: B. Water vapour

Q(20000): Which of terms is used to denote food that is permissible for consumption according to Islamic law ?
A. Jhatka B. Haram C. Halal D. Kosher
Answer: C. Halal

Jackpot: In the year 2013, Which of these players was given the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award?
A. Virat Kohli, B. Rojan Sodhi, C. M.S Dhoni D.Sachin tenduklar
Ans: B. Rojan Sodhi

Q(40000): Which film this song from? (Barthameez Dil)
A. Special 26 B. Shootout at Wadala C. Himmatwala D. Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani
Answer: D. Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

Q(80000): Penguin, Ostrich, Emu and Kiwi have what in common?
A. Similar shapes B. Can not fly C. Can not walk D. Can not see
Answer: B. Cannot fly

Q(160000): What disease, ascribed to a deficiency of vitamin B1, gets its name from a Sinhalese word for “weakness”?
A. Anaemia B. Riboflavin C. Beriberi D. Kala-azar
Answer: C. Beriberi