KBC 7 – Episode 4 – September 13

Questions from episode 4 dated September 13, 2013 from KBC Season 7

GGBJ Question on 13/09 – Episode 4
Q: Gandhiji’s thought of “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” is usually depicted by which animal?
A: Lion B: Elephant C: Bear D: Monkey
Ans: D: Monkey
Entries received by 8:29:59 PM on 14th September 2013 will be considered valid

Q(1250000) : Which is the largest banana producing country in the world?
A. Brazil B. India C. Mexico D. China
Ans. B.India

Q(2500000) : Who is the first woman amputee in the world to summit Mount Everest ?
A. Tashi Malik B. Raha Moharrak C. Samina Baig D. Arunima Sinha
Ans. D.Arunima Sinha

Q(5000000) : The tomb of which Governor-General of India is located in Ghazipur in Uttar Pradesh?
A. Sir John Shore B. Lord Curzon C. Lord Cornwallis D. Lord Chelmsford
Ans. C. Lord Cornwallis

Fastest Finger First Questions
1. Put these surnames in the order in which they appear in English telephone Directory
A. Nehru B. Bose C. Patel D. Gandhi

2.Arrange these thing from north to south according to the places mentioned in their names
A. Jaipuri Razai B.Mysore PaK C. Amritsari Kulcha D. Kashmiri Embroidery.

3. Starting with the first , arrange these Olympics games in the order in which they happened or about to happen in the 21st century.
A.Beijing Olympics, B. London Olympics, C. Rio Olympics and D. Athens Olympics.

Q(5000). Which of these is a piece of the game called as chess:
A. Wazir, B. Nawab, C. Sarpanch, D. Patbari.
Ans: A. Wazir.

Q(10000) : In the Ramayana, who reminded kaikeyi about the two boons given to her by Dasharatha ?
A. Sumitra B. Bharata C. Dasharatha D. Manthara
Ans: D.Mantahra

Q3(20000). Which of these words means “water”?
A. Rahul, B. Sanjay, C. Varun, D. Rajiv.
Ans: C.Varun

Q(40000) : What Social Compaign was launched by Farhan Akhtar in 2013 against rape and discrimination of women?
Ans: C.MARD (Men against Rape and Discrimination)

Q5(80000). To which of these Sufi saints is this song dedicated. OH Laal Pat meri ab
A. Bulle Shah, B. Nizamuddin Aulia C. Moinuddin chisti D. Shahbaz Kalandar
Ans: D. Shahbaz Kalandar

Q(160000): In Which of these regions would you find the town of Kishtwar ?
A. Jammu B. Vidarbha C. Saurashtra D. Bundelkhand
Ans: A.Jammu

Q(320000). After whom is the Centigrade system of tempreature measurement named?
A. Anders Celsius, B) Daniel Fahrenheit, C) Lord Kelvin D) Gabriele Centi
Ans. A. Anderes Celsius

Fastest Finger First First Question:
1. Starting from the earlier, arrange these times of clock as per their increasing order:
Half Past three, Three, Quarter Past Three, Quarter to three.

2. Starting from the first arrange these heroines in the order they got married
a) Karishma Kappor, b) Vidya Balan, c) Kajol, d) Shilpa shetty

3. Arrange these official positions in India as per their increasing order of people that can occupy these positions at any give point of time.
A) Rajya Sabha Member, B) Lok Sabha Member, C) Chief Minister, D) Prime Minister

Q(5000). Which of these kinds of leave men cannot take?
A) Sick leave, B) Paternity leave, C) Casual leave, D) Maternity leave.
Ans: D) Maternity leave

Q(10000). Which of these festivals is celebratedin honor of an avatar of Lord Vishnu?
a) Janmashtami, b) Ganesha Chaturthi, b) Vishwakarma, d) Maha Shivratri.
Ans: A. Janmashtami.

Q(20000). How many thousands rupee notes would your need to become a crorepati?
A) 100, B) 1000, C) 10000, D) 100000
Ans: D. 10000

Jackpot question
In July 2013, Indian highest judicial court issued a rule that anybody who wants to buy which of these these has to show his identity card.
A) Alcohol, B) Sandalwood C) Gold, D) Acid.
Ans: D. Acid

Q(40000): Which of these spices that are given here cost most among them?
A) Vanilla, B) Cardamom, C) Black Pepper, D) Saffron.
Ans: D. Saffron

Q(160000): Which actress changed her name from Nafisa before her debut movie in 2007?
A) Jia Khan B) Dia Mirza C) Ayesha Takia D) Asin
Ans: A. Jia Khan

Q(160000): In 2013, Ireland passed a law allowing which of these , under certain circumstances?
A) Same sex marriage B. Namaz at public places C. To carry kirpan D. Abortion
Ans: D. Abortion