KBC 7 – Episode 35 – November 30

Questions from episode 35 dated November 30, 2013 from KBC Season 7

GBBJ Question from Episode 35
Name the actor who has established the Charitable Trust named “Being Human” ?
A. Aamir Khan B. Shah Rukh Khan C. Salman Khan D. Saif Ali Khan
Ans: C. Salman Khan

Q(640000): Which player at age 19 is the youngest in history to become world number one in Chess?
A; Judit Polgar B: Bobby Fischer C: Magnus Carlsen D: Vishwanathan Anand
Ans: C: Magnus Carlsen

Q(1250000): At the beginning of his career, Abdul Kalam could not clear an interview for a job at which of these organisaions?
A: Air India B: Indian Navy C: Indian Army D: Indian Air Force
Ans: D: Indian Air Force

Q(2500000): Which of these states does not have a legislative council?
A: Jammu & Kashmir B: UP C: Maharashtra D: Madhya Pradesh
Ans; D: Madhya Pradesh

Q(5000000): Which of these Indian Companies owes its origins to a firm co-founded by Malik Ghulam Mohammed, the first Finance Minister of Pakistan ?
A. Wipro B. Bombay Dyeing C. Mahindra & Mahindra D. ACC
Ans : C. Mahindra & Mahindra

FFF Q1: Arrange these states and UTs in increasing order of the numbers indicated in their names
A: Chhattisgarh B: Tripura C: Punjab D: Lakshwadeep

FFF Q2: Starting from the top of the body, arrange these surgeries according to the human body parts they are performed on
A: Kidney Transplant B: Root Canal C: Cataract D: Coronary Bypass

FFF Q3: Arrange these Ramayana characters in decreasing order of their age
A: Lava Kush B: Rama C: Lakshmana D: Dasharatha

Q(5000) : If you are doing ‘guzaarish’, then what exactly are you doing ?
A. Tu Tu Main Main B. Nivedan C. Nakal D. Mazaak
Ans : B. Nivedan

Q(10000): Which of these is not a form of traditional theatre ?
A. Tamasha B. Nautanki C. Thumri D. Jatra
Ans: C. Thumri

Q(20000): If you have the GPS service enabled on your phone, which of these would you be able to do ?
A. Listen to songs B. Enable chatting C. Navigate roads D. Watch TV
Ans : C. Navigate roads

Q(80000): Which of these chemical elements gets its name from two Greek words meaning ‘Water forming’ ?
A. Hydrogen B. Oxygen C. Nitrogen D. Helium
Ans : A. Hydrogen (Hudro-Genis)

Q(160000): Which creatures dominated the Jurassic period and were extinct by the end of the Cretaceous period?
A: Basilosauruses B: Mastodons C: Dodos D: Dinosaurs
Ans: D: Dinosaurs

Q(320000): In September 2013, who was named the non-playing captain of the Indian Davis Cup team ?
A. Leander Paes B. Zeeshan Ali C. Anand Amritraj D. Ramesh Krishnan
Ans: C. Anand Amritraj

Q(640000) : Which of these states was carved out in 1972 from United Khasi & Jaintia Hills and Garo Hills districts of Assam ?
A. Manipur B. Meghalaya C. Mizoram D. Sikkim
Ans : B. Meghalaya

Q(1250000): Who was first appointed Field Marshal of the Indian Army ?
A. K M Cariappa B. Arjan Singh C. PN Thapar D. Sam Manekshaw
Ans : D. Sam Manekshaw

Q(2500000): Which animal experiences the maximum amount of daylight in a year ?
A. Atlantic Salmon B. Grey Whale C. Arctic Tern D. Monarch Butterfly
Ans : C. Arctic Tern

FFF Q2: Arrange these parts of a school bus in increasing order of their total number
A: Tyres B: Seats C: Steering Wheel D: Headlights

FFF Q3: Arrange from east to west, the places mentioned in these animal names
A; Indian Python B: Singapore Bat C; African Elephant D: Arabian Gazelle