KBC 7 – Episode 33 – November 23

Questions from episode 33 dated November 23, 2013 from KBC Season 7

GBBJ Question from Episode 33
In the film “Kuch Kuch hota”, Kajol in which game says “Rahul is a cheater, He is a Cheater” ?
A. Badminton B. Tennis C. Basketball D. Table Tennis
Ans: C. Basketball

Q(320000): What is the state tree of Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand ?
A. Shisham B. Mango C. Sal D. Ashoka
Ans : C. Sal

Q(640000) : Whose army defeated Sultan Baz Bahadur in the Battle of Sarangpur ?
A. Akbar B. Iltutmish C. Allauddin Khilji D. Jahangir
Ans : A. Akbar

Q(640000): Who among the following was charged by USA with espionage in June 2013?
A: Linda Tripp B; Edward Snowden C: Daniel Ellsberg D: Julian Assange
Ans; B; Edward Snowden

Q(1250000): Which Nobel Laureate’s collection of writings was published as ‘Freedom from Fear’ ?
A. Liu Xiaobo B. Martin Lither King Jr. C. Nelson Mandela D. Aung San Suu Kyi
Ans : D. Aung San Suu Kyi

Q(2500000): Who created the record of hitting the fastest century in T20 internationals in just 45 balls ?
A. Richard Levi B. Aaron Finch C. Chris Gayle D. Brendon McCullum
Ans : A. Richard Levi

FFF Q2: Arrange the following in increasing order of their total number
A: Hours in a day B: Minutes in n hour C: Years in a decade D: Days in a week

FFF Q3: Arrange these services and amenities in the order in which they were introduced in India
A: Telephone service B: Internet C: Railways D: Air Travel
Ans: CADB (1853-1880s-1932-1995)

Q(10000): Which chess piece usually moves forward in a straight line, but has to move diagonally to capture a piece?
A. Bishop B. Rook C. King D. Pawn
Ans : D. Pawn

Q(40000): In the Hindi film ‘OMG Oh My God!’, on what ground does the insurance company reject the claim made by Kanji Bhai?
A. Cheque bounce B. Non-payment of premium C. Act of God D. Incorrect address
Ans : C. Act of God

Q(80000) : What is the name of the baby born to Prince William and Catherine in 2013 ?
A. Prince George B. Prince Gabriel C. Prince Magnum D. Prince Leonor
Ans : A. Prince George

Q(160000): Which of these Test cricketers is the son of another Test cricketer?
A. Gautam Gambhir B. Yuvraj Singh C. Ishant Sharma D. Suresh Raina
Ans : B. Yuvraj Singh

Q(320000) : Which of these former French territories in India lies on the Malabar Coast?
A. Mahe B. Karaikal C. Yanam D. Chandernagore
Ans : A. Mahe

Q(640000): Which Greek philosopher tutored Alexander the Great in the Childhood?
A. Pythagoras B. Aristotle C. Socrates D. Plato
Ans : B. Aristotle

Q(640000): According to the Mahabharata , Kansa married the two daughters of which king?
A. Virata B. Kakudmi C. Jarasandha D. Sarbasena
Ans : C. Jarasandha

Q(1250000): The Rushikulya beach in India is one of the largest nesting places of which sea turtle ?
A. Kemp’s Ridley B. Leatherback C. Loggerhead D. Olive Ridley
Ans : D. Olive Ridley

FFF Q2: Arrange these indian rail junctions from North to South
A: Bhopal B: Mysore C: Ajmer D: Old Delhi

Q(5000): Which of these would you need if you are shopping online ?
A. Cash-on-purchase B. Credit Card C. Clock D. Car
Ans : B. Credit Card

Q(10000): With Which activities is ‘bonsai’ associated ?
A. Gardening B. Cooking C. Martial Arts D. Beauty Treatments.
Ans : A. Gardening

Jackpot: In which state would you find the towns of Ganjam, Gopalpur and Khordha ?
A. Andhra Pradesh B. Gujarat C. Odisha D. Jharkhand
Ans : C. Odisha