KBC 7 – Episode 31 – November 17

Questions from episode 31 dated November 17, 2013 from KBC Season 7

GBBJ Question from Episode 31
Out of these which is created with Murmure?
A. Golgappa B. Dahi Bhalle C. Chat Papadi D. Bhelpuri
Ans; D. Bhelpuri

Q(320000): A practical and effective vaccine against which of these diseases has not yet been introduced ?
A. Hepatitis B B. Polio C. Tuberculosis D. Malaria
Ans : D. Malaria

Q(320000): The ASI began excavations in October 2013 to find the supposed treasure of King Ram Baksh Singh at which place ?
A. Jagdishpur B. Daundia Khera C. Lakhimpur Kheri D. Sultanpur
Ans : B. Daundia Khera.

Q(640000): In India, 14 september is annually celebrated as what 'diwas' ?
A. Sanskrit Diwas B. Antariksha Diwas C. Saksharta Diwas D. Hindi Diwas
Ans : D. Hindi Diwas

Q(1250000): Which author's real name was Vaidyanath Mishra?
A. Trilochan B. Baba Nagarjun C. Muktibodh D. Nirala
Ans : B. Baba Nagarjun

Q(2500000): Who is the only tennis player to get the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award ?
A. Ramesh Krishnan B. Vijay Amritraj C. Leander Paes D. Sania Mirza
Ans : C. Leander Paes

FFF Q1: Arrange the following bones of the human body from top to bottom
A: Skull B: Knee C: Jaw D: Ribs

FFF Q2: Arrange these processes of law in the correct order
A: Making the arrest B: Lodging the FIR C: Court's Judgement D: Hearing in Court

Q(5000): According to a Hindi saying, which of these can you not do with one hand ?
A. Write a love letter B. Beg for alms C. Clap D. Do Tata-Bye-Bye
Ans : C. Clap.

Q(10000): Complete the line of this song promoting national integration : " Mile sur mera tumhaara, toh _______ "?
A. Sur saje tumhara B. Raag bane hamara C. Sur bane hamara D. Pyaar badhe hamara
Ans : C. Sur bane hamara.

Q(40000): Which state experiences the first rains of the south-west monsoon ?
A. Kerala B. Maharashtra C. Andhra Pradesh D. Goa
Ans : A. Kerala

Q(80000): Which company owns the Android operating system ?
A. Microsoft B. Apple C. Google D. Ericsson
Ans : C. Google

Q(80000): On 16 October 2013, who created a new record of hitting the fastest ODI century by an Indian ?
A. Shikhar Dhawan B. Rohit Sharma C. Suresh Raina D. Virat Kohli
Ans : D. Virat Kohli

Q(160000): Which of these animals has a gestation period longer than a human ?
A. Goat B. Kangaroo C. Lion D. Elephant
Ans : D. Elephant

Q(320000): The Central jail located in Ranchi is named after which of these personalities ?
A. Kanhu Murmu B. Birsa Munda C. Albert Ekka D. Camille Bulcke
Ans : B. Birsa Munda

Q(640000): 'Sansad Mein teen Dashak' is a collection of speeches by which politician?
A. Pranab Mukherjee B. Yashwant Sinha C. Atal Bihari Vajpayee D. Somnath Chatterjee
Ans : C. Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Q(1250000): Which of these mythological charaters was born with three eyes and four hands ?
A. Ghatotkach B. Jarasandh C. Shishupal D. Shalya
Ans : C. Shishupal

FFF Q2: Arrange these bank notes (Gandhi series) in increasing order of their size
A: 20 B: 5 C: 50 D: 500

FFF Q3: Arrange these works on Indian Poetry in chronological order of their writing
A: Madhushala B: Ramcharitamanas C: Vande Mataram D: Mahabharata

Q(10000): In cricket, when a batsman is declared 'not out' by the third umpire, which light is switched on?
A: Red B: Yellow C: Green D: Pink
Ans: C: Green

Jackpot: Which industrialist was appointed chief advisor of Air Asia India in 2013?
A: Mukesh Ambani B: Subrata Roy C: Ratan Tata D: Captain Gopinath
Ans; C: Ratan Tata