KBC 7 – Episode 30 – November 16

Questions from episode 30 dated November 16, 2013 from KBC Season 7

GBBJ Question from Episode 30
In Cricket, under which situation a Bowler is not awarded for taking wicket ?
A. Run out B. Bowled C. Stumped D. Caught
Ans: A. Run out

Q: Playing to win: My Life…. On and Off Court’ is an autobiography of which sports star ?
A. Leander Paes B. Saina Nehwal C. Sania Mirza D. Prakash Padukone
Ans B. Saina Nehwal

Ques : Which is the southernmost active volcano in the world?
A. Mt. Etna B. Mt. Erebus C. Mt Yasur D. Mt Bromo
Ans B. Mt. Erebus

Ques : Which of these operations was launched by the Govt of India to evacuate Indian nationals from Libya during the 2011 Libyan civil War ?
A. Operation Raahat B. Operation Safe Homecoming C. Operation Sukoon D. Operation Secure
Ans : B. Operation Safe Homecoming

Ques : If you are checking your INBOX then which of these are you most likely doing ?
A. Checking your boxing skills B. Checking your intelligence C. Checking your email D. Checking your wardrobe
Ans : C. Checking your email

Ques : Which of these metal alloys is made up mainly of copper and tin?
A. Brass B. Bronze C. Steel D. Platinum
Ans : B. Bronze

Ques : Which of these is an airline owned by the Wadia group ?
A. GoAir B. IndiGo C. Jet Airways D. SpiceJet
Ans : A. GoAir

Ques : Who among these was a direct descendant of Timur?
A. Babur B. Mahmud of Ghazni C. Sher Shah Suri D. Ibrahim Lodi
Ans : A. Babur

Ques : Which of these birds lays the smallest eggs?
A. Crimson chat B. Weebill C. Hummingbird D. Goldfinch
Ans : C. Hummingbird

Ques : The North Pole experiences how many days of complete sunlight each year ?
A. 24 hours B. 7 days C. 6 Months D. 1 year
Ans: C. 6 Months

Ques : Which tree do Hindu women generally worship on the day of the vat Savitri Vrata ?
A. Peepal B. Kela C. Bargad D. Bel
Ans : C. Bargad

Ques : Which of these memorials is located in the capital city of an Indian State?
A. Taj Mahal B. Jallianwala Bagh C. Gol Gumbaz D. Charminar
Ans : D. Charminar

Ques : In the Mahabharata, who gave Kunti a boon by which she could call upon any god and bear a son by him ?
A. Agastya B. Durvasa C. Parashurama D. Dadhich
Ans : B. Durvasa