KBC 7 – Episode 29 – November 15

Questions from episode 29 dated November 15, 2013 from KBC Season 7

GBBJ Question from November 15 Episode 29
Name the Character of Sanjay Dutt in the film Agneepath?
A. Chatur Singh Cheetah B. Mahakaal C. Kancha China D. Bhaktabar
Ans: C. Kancha China

Q(640000) : According to Mahabharata princess Amba of Kashi was reborn as the daughter of which king ?
A. Ugrasena B. Satyaki C. Drupad D. Jarasandha
Ans : C. Drupad

Q(1250000): Against which country did Sachin Tendulkar play his only T20 International ?
A. New Zealand B. Australia C. England D. South Africa
Ans : D. South Africa

Q(2500000): Who filed the writ petition that led to the supreme court of India being convicted MPs and MLAs from contesting elections in 2013?
A. KTS Tulsi B. Subramanyam Swami C. Lili Thomas D. Arvind Kejriwal
Ans : C. Lili Thomas

FFF Q1: Arrange these body parts of a healthy human being in decreasing order of their size.
A: leg B: Tooth C; Palm D: Eye

FFF Q2: Starting from the coldest, arrange these places in India in increasing order of their annual average temperature
A: Shimla B: Lucknow C: Chennai D: Leh

Q(5000) : In the absence of which of these would you call a dosa, a plain dosa?
A. Sambhar B. Potato Stuffing C. Chutney D. Rice
Ans : B. Potato Stuffing

Q(10000): Which of these film stars is married to a ‘dil ka doctor’ ?
A. Shilpa Shetty B. Lara Dutta C. Vidya Balan D. Madhuri Dixit
Ans : D. Madhuri Dixit

Q(20000): Which of these is the name of a district in Madhya Pradesh ?
A. Sagar B. Samudra C. Mahasagar D. Jhil
Ans : A. Sagar

Q(80000): The five-striped palm and the three-striped palm are species of which of these animals ?
A. Pig B. Rat C. Bat D. Squirrel
Ans : D. Squirrel

Q(160000): Which of these isnot a weapon of Lord Vishnu?
A: Nandaka B: Sudarshan Chakra C: Pashupata D: Kaumodaki
Ans: C: Pashupata (Weapon of Lord Shiva)

Q(320000): In basic milk pasteurization, to what temperature is milk heated (in centigrade) for 30 minutes?>
A: 38 B: 50 C: 55 D: 63
Ans: D: 63

Q(640000): Which mughal emperor was initially buried at Agra and then reburied in Kabul?
A: Jahangir B: Babur C: Bahadur Shah I D: Shah Alam II
Ans: B: Babur

Q(1250000): Who was India’s defence minister during the Indo-Pak war in 1971?
A: Chandra Sekhar B: P V narshimha Rao C: Jagjivan Ram D: Lalit Narayan Mishra
Ans: C: Jagjivan Ram

Q(): In ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’, by what does Bittu swear to Shruti that they will remain just friends?
A. Keede-makode B. Bread pakode C. Garam hathode D. Safed ghode
Ans : B. Bread pakode

Q(): Which former Australian cricketer shares his first name with that of a character played by you ?
A. Gilchrist B. Warne C. Ponting D. McGrath
Ans : C. Ponting

Q(): In which 2 films have I, Amitabh Bachchan, played characters named ‘Ranveer’ ?
A. Paa & Zanjeer B. Aetbaar & Deewar (2004) C. Baghban & Sholey D. Laawaris & Agneepath
Ans : B. Aetbaar & Deewar (2004)

Ques : Which of these actors’ voice can be heard in ‘Ladies vs Ricky Bahl’, through he does not act in the film ?
A. Shah Rukh Khan B. Sunny Deol C. Anil Kapoor D. Akshay Kumar.
Ans : A. Shah Rukh Khan

Ques : Which of the following injuries has not yet happened to you while shooting a film ?
A. Back Pain B. Cut check C. Injured Leg D. Broken Heart
Ans : D. Broken Heart

Ques : Which of these actress’ names means she who lights up your life’ ?
A. Madhubala B. Nutan C. Rakhee D. Deepika
Ans : D. Deepika

Q: Which of these actors’ names implies “he who is brave and answers tough questions instead of flipping them”?
A: Sunny B: Chunky C: Bobby D: Ranveer
Ans: D: Ranveer