KBC 7 – Episode 24 – November 2

Questions from episode 24 dated November 2, 2013 from KBC Season 7

GBBJ Question from November 2 Episode 24
Out of these which actor has performed the role for the name Barfi, Bunny, and Bubbly?
A. Shahid Kapoor B. Sharman Joshi C. Ranbeer Kapoor D. Ranbeer Singh
Correct Answer: C. Ranbeer Kapoor

Q(5000): The leaves of which of these trees are the smallest?
A: Ashoka B: Peepul C: Babool D: Coconut
Ans: C: Babool

Q(20000): In Sep 2013, the supreme court of India directed the EC to make a provision for which button in EVM?
A: Undecided B: Other C: All of the above D: None of the Above
Ans; D: None of the Above

Q(80000): 28 Aug 2013 marked the 50th anniversary of the historic ‘I have a dream’ speech of which leader?
A: JFK B: Dwight Eisenhower C: Churchill D: Martin Luther king
Ans: D: Martin Luther king

Q(160000): Who is the author of the book ‘Kabuliwalas Bangali Bou’ (A Kabuliwala’s Bengali Wife)?
A: Sushmita Banerjee B: Taslima Nasreen C: Mahasweta Devi D: Suchitra Bhattachrya
Ans: A: Sushmita Banerjee

Q(320000): A vaccine for what disease was first administered on Joseph Meister in 1885?
A: Measles B: Rabies C: Pneumonia D: Polio
Ans: B: Rabies

Q(640000): In 1859, British tea planters set up the world’s first club in Silchar to play which sport?
A: Badminton B: Snooker C; Polo D: Squash
Ans: C; Polo

Q(1250000): In the Mahabharata, who among the following was born after the death of his father?
A: Janmejay B: Parikshit C: Pradyumna D; Dhrishtadyumna
Ans; B: Parikshit

Q(2500000): The hearing organs of crickets are located on which part of their body?
A: Head B: Abdomen C: Front Legs D: Antennae
Ans: C: Front Legs

Q(2500000): An endangered species of which of these is named after the Indian ornithologist Salim Ali?
A: Bat B: Vulture C: Owl D: Parrot
Ans: Bat

Q(5000000): Who among these was the first Rajya Sabha MP elected from Gujarat to be come Union Finance minister?
A: Morarji Desai B: C D Deshmukh C: H M Patel D: Pranab Mukherjee
Ans: D: Pranab Mukherjee

FFF Q1: Arrange these old and new coin denominations in increasing order of value
A: 1 Rupaiya B: 1 Anna C: Athanni D: Chavvani

FFF Q2: Arrange these features of Goddess Durga in increasing order of their total number , as seen in her manifestation with Mahishasura?
A: Ears B: Eyes C: hands D: Nose
Ans: DABC (1,2,3,10)

FFF Q3: Arrange these landmarks of Indian Cinema chronologically
A; First Talkie B: First Feature Film C: First Colour Film D: First 3D film
Ans: B(Raja Harishchandra), A(Alam Ara) , C(Kissan Kanya) , D(My Dear Kutti Chathan)

Q(5000): Which animal is offered milk on ‘Naga Panchami’?
A: Mouse B: Cow C: Snake D: Bull
Ans: C. Snake

Q(40000): Which component of blood is transfused into patients to treat dengue?
A: WBC B: RBC C: Haemoglobin D: Platelets
Ans: D: Platelets

Q(160000): In which field has Alice Munro been awarded the Nobel prize in 2013?
A: Literature B: Physics C: Peace D: Chemistry
Ans: A: Literature

Q(320000): Which of these is the name of a city in Afghanistan?
A: Taimur B: Abdali C: Changez D: Ghazni
Ans: D: Ghazni

Q(640000): Which of these posts in India has been held by a woman?
A: Chief Justice of India B: CEC C: RBi Governor D: CBI Director
Ans; B: CEC