KBC 7 – Episode 23 – November 1

Questions from episode 23 dated November 1, 2013 from KBC Season 7

GBBJ Question from November 1 Episode 23
Out of these which time frame is also known as ” Usha kaal ” ?
A. Saanjh B. Bhoor C. Godhuli D. Raat
Correct Answer: B. Bhoor

Q(160000): Which of these personalities used to run a tea stall in his youth along with his brother?
A: Milkha Singh B: Baba Ramdev C: Narendra Modi D: APJ Abdul Kalam
Ans: C: Narendra Modi

Q(320000): Which is the only continent in the world where the anaconda can be found in the wild?
A: Europe B: South America C: North America D:Africa
Ans: B: South America

Q(640000): Who became the first woman president of the United Nations General Assembly in 1953?
A: Lakshmi Segal B: Gayatri Devi C: Sarojini Naidu D: Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit
Ans: D: Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

Q(640000): Which of these leaders was the son of King Siddhartha and his wife Queen Trishala?
A: Mahavira B: Gautam Buddha C: Adi Shankaracharya D: Parshvanatah
Ans: A: Mahavira

FFF Q2: Arrange these substances in the increasing order of their melting point
A: Iron B: Butter C: Ice D: Plastic

FFF Q3: Arrange these periods from Indian history in chronological order
A: British Raj B: Mughal period C: Indus Valley civilisation D: Maurya period

Q(5000): While cutting which of these vegetables are your eyes most likely to produce tears ?
A. Tomato B. Onion C. Radish D. Capsicum
Ans : B. Onion

Q(10000): In India, a ‘Booth level Officer’ Works for the registration of what ?
A. Aadhar B. Population C. Ration Card D. Voter ID Card.
Ans : D. Voter ID Card

Q(20000): In finance, ‘0% interest scheme’ is usually associated with which of the following ?
A. Dividend B. Inflation C. Loan D. Salary
Ans : C. Loan

Q(40000): Which of these is a modification of the game called ‘Pachisi’, played with a dice?
A: Carrom B: Ludo C: Chess D: Pitto
Ans: B. Ludo

Q(160000): Which Country has won all the kabaddi gold medals at the Asian Games since the sport was introduced in 1990?
A. India B. Bangladesh C. Pakistan D. Japan
Ans : A. India

Q(320000): Ganges and Indus are species of which of these living beings ?
A. Frog B. Crocodile C. Tortoise D. River Dolphin
Ans : D. River Dolphin

Q(320000): Which of these states is the largest producer of natural rubber in India ?
A. Kerala B. Karnataka C. Tamil Nadu D. Andhra Pradesh
Ans : A. Kerala

Q(640000): According to the ‘ Vishnu Purana’, who was made the lord of all elephants by Brahma ?
A. Ganesha B. Airavata C. Virupaksha D. Punarika
Ans : B. Airavata

Q(1250000): Which of these leaders once won a Lok Sabha seat by setting a world record margin of about 4,24,000 ?
A. George Fernandes B. Ram Vilas Paswan C. Chanrababu Naidu D. Arjun Singh
Ans : B. Ram Vilas Paswan

Q(2500000): In which city was Mahatma Gandhi on the day India became independent ?
A. Calcutta B. New Delhi C. Noakhali D. Amritsar
Ans : A. Calcutta

FFF Q1: Arrange the following in the increasing order of number of days they have
A: One Month B: One week C: One decade D: One year

FFF Q2: Starting from Aries, arrange these Zodiac signs in correct order
a: Cancer B: Sagittarius C: Capricorn D: Virgo

FFF Q3: Arrange these sports in increasing order of the total number of players playing a match
A; Chess B: Cricket C: Doubles Tennis D: Volleyball

Jackpot: What is the meaning of the word ‘Sindhu’ as used in Sindhurakshak and Sidhuratna?
A: Samudra B: Shakti C: Samarpan D: Suraksha
Ans: A: Samudra