KBC 7 – Episode 22 – October 26

Questions from episode 22 dated October 26, 2013 from KBC Season 7

GBBJ Question from October 26 Episode 22
The Famous Proverb ”Ghar ka Vaide Lanka Dhai” is said for which character with reference to Ramayana ?
A. Meghanath B. Khumbhkaran C. Vibhisan D. Surpanakha
Correct Answer: C. Vibhisan

Q(2500000): Who was the first Woman Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha ?
A. Najma Heptullah B. Pramila Dandawate C. Pratibha Patil D. Violet Alva
Ans : D. Violet Alva

Q(5000000): Who was the leader of the first Indian Antarctic Expedition ?
A. Syed Juhur Kasim B. V K Raina C. Harsh K Gupta D. C P Vohra
Ans : A. Syed Juhur Kasim.

FFF Q1: Arrange these animals in increasing order of their size
A: Mosquito B: Pigeon C: Butterfly D: Vulture

FFF Q2: Arrange these items from top to bottom as they appear on the body of Lord Vishnu
A: Sudarshan Chakra B: Kanth Mala C: Mor Mukut D: Karn Kundal

FFF Q3: Arrange these trains according to places mentioned in their names from North to South
A: Goa Express B: Agra Intercity Express C: Chennai Express D; Jammu Tawi Express

Q(5000): If a person exercises his ‘matadhikar’, then which of these would he be doing ?
A. Writing a cheque B. Voting C. Sending a Money Order D. Selling newspapers
Ans : B. Voting.

Q(10000): According to Hindu belief, which ashram do you enter when you get married?
A. Brahmacharya B. Grihastha C. Vanaprastha D. Sanyasa
Ans : B. Grihastha

Q(20000): Who won the Champions League Twenty20 in 2013?
A. Mumbai Indians B. Chennai Super Kings C. Trinidad and Tobago D. Rajasthan Royals.
Ans : A. Mumbai Indians

Q(80000): Which of these gurudwaras is situated in Uttarakhand?
A: Manikaran Sahib B: Anandpur Sahib C: Bangla Sahib D: Hemkunt Sahib
Ans; D: Hemkunt Sahib

Q(160000) : For his contribution in which field of economics was Amartya Sen Awarded the Nobel Prize ?
A. Macroeconomics analysis B. Welfare economics C. Monetary and Fiscal policy D. Economic growth
Ans: B. Welfare economics

Q(320000): Which of these would not form the diet of Polar bears in their Natural Habitat ?
A. Penguins B. Seals. C. Fish D. Young Walruses
Ans : A. Penguins

Q(640000): Whose biography is the book ‘ Awara Masiha’, written by the novelist Vishnu Prabhakar ?
A. Raj Kapoor B. Sarat Chandra Chatterjee C. Surya Tripathi ‘ Nirala’ D. Kishore Kumar
B. Sarat Chandra Chatterjee

Q(5000): Which of these South India dishes is served in liquid form?
A: Upma B: Uthapam C; Rasam D: Vada
Ans; C; Rasam

Q(10000): Which of these punctuation marks cannot be used to end a sentence ?
A. Exclamation Mark B. Question Mark C. Full Stop D. Comma
Ans : D. Comma

Q(20000): Which of these is the name of an international cricket stadium in India?
A: Brindavan Gardens B: Hanging Gardens C: Eden Gardens D: Mughal Gardens
Ans; C: Eden Gardens

Q(80000): Mastectomy is mainly associated with which of these diseases ?
A. AIDS B. Breast Cancer C. Tuberculosis D. Blood Cancer
Ans : B. Breast Cancer

Jackpot: In Sep 2013, which company announced that they will acquire Nokia?
A: Intel B; Microsoft D: Samsung D: Sony
Ans: B. Microsoft