KBC 7 – Episode 21 – October 25

Questions from episode 21 dated October 25, 2013 from KBC Season 7

GBBJ Question from October 25 Episode 21
”Khasta”, “Raj” and “Mawa” are the types of which Vyanjan?
A. Samosa B. Pakoda C. Kachori D. Bada
Correct Answer: C. Kachori

Q(320000): Guru Shikhar peak is the highest peak of which mountain range ?
A. Vindhya B. Satpura C. Nilgiri D. Aravali
Ans :D. Aravali

Q(640000): Which of these industrialists served as the treasurer of the Indian National congress for many years till his death in 1942 ?
A. G D Birla B. Jamnalal Bajaj C. Neville Wadia D. Walchand Hirachand
Ans : B. Jamnalal Bajaj

Q(1250000): Jakhrana, Barbadi, Osmanabadi, Jamunapari are different species of which animal?
A. Horse B. Donkey C. Goat D. Camel
Ans : C. Goat

Q(2500000): Which traveller’s last journey was to the kingdom of mali?
A: Fa Hien B; Ibn Batuta C: Megasthenes D: Marco Polo
Ans: B; Ibn Batuta

Q(2500000):Who was the first bowler to take a hat-trick in T20 internationals?
A: Saeed Ajmal B: Lasith Malinga C: Daryl Tuffey D: Brett Lee
Ans: D: Brett Lee

Q(5000000): 23 Sep 2013 marked the 100th anniversary of the first non-stop flight across the Mediterranean Sea by which aviator ?
A. Charles Lindbergh B. Amelia Earhart C. Manfred Von Richthofen D. Roland Garros
Ans : D. Roland Garros

FFF Q1: Arrange these lines from a song in correct order
A: Yeh gulistan hamara B: Sare Jahaan se accha C: Hum bulbulein hain iski D: Hindustan hamara

FFF Q2:Arrange the following metals in increasing order of their price in India
A: Copper B: Silver C: Gold D: Aluminium

FFF Q3: Arrange these locations in the order in which they are found on Ganga’s course to the sea.
A: Triveni Sangam B: Gangotri C: Bay of Bengal D: Haridwar

Q(5000): What is ‘Jawaani’ as described in the title of a Ranbir Kapoor film?
A: Mast B: Deewani C: Jhakkas D:Manmauji
Ans; B: Deewani

Q(10000): In the Ramayana, what form did Ravan take in Panchavati to lure sita ?
A. Yaksha B. Golden Deer C. Hunter D. Sanyasi
Ans : D. Sanyasi

Q(20000): With which to science, with which of these would you associate ‘amplitude’ ?
A. Gravitational B. Density of Substance C. Salinity of Water D. Sound Waves
Ans : D. Sound Waves

Q(40000):on which personality is a CBSE textbook chapter called ‘From bus conductor to superstar’ based?
A: A P J Abdul Kalam B: Rajnikanth C: Raaj Kumar D: M S Dhoni
Ans; B: Rajnikanth

Q(160000): Which of these cricketers did Dennis Lille reject in 1987 at the MRF Pace Foundation training camp for fast bowlers?
A: Sachin Tendulkar B: Sourav Ganguly C: Rahul Dravid D: V V S Laxman
Ans: A: Sachin Tendulkar

Q(320000): The maximum part of a chicken egg is composed of what?
A: Water B: Protein C: Fat D: Cholesterol
Ans: A: Water

Q(640000): Which of these terms means ‘sapphire’ in the Thai Language?
A: Phuket B: Phailin C: Mahasen D: Siam
Ans: B: Phailin

Q(1250000): In 1954, what was transplanted in Richard Herrick from his identical twin Ronald, the first successful instance of such a transplant?
A: Cornea B: Kidney C: Bone Marrow D: Heart Valve
Ans: B: Kidney (by Joseph Murray)

Jackpot: In hindu mythology, which of these is a mother-son pair?
A: Holika-Prahalad B: Shakuntala-Bharata C: Savitri-Satyavan D: Kunti-Pandu
Ans: B: Shakuntala-Bharata