KBC 7 – Episode 2 – September 7

Questions from episode 2 of KBC 2013 Season 7 – September 7

Q(160000) : With Which of these states do Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Andhra Pradesh all share their borders ?
A. Madhya Pradesh B. Odisha C. Bihar D. Uttar Pradesh
Ans : Odisha

Today GGBJ Question for Sep 7, 2013: Agar aap Thumka laga rahe hai to inme se kya kar rahe Hai?
A. Kha Rahe Hai B. Chitrkari Kar rahe Hai C. Khana Kha Rahe hai D. Nirtya Kar rahe Hai
Ans: D. Nirtya Kar rahe Hai
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Q(320000): The first world championship in what sport is planned to be held in 2017, though the game has been played since 1877?
A. Test Cricket B. Rugby Union C. Kabaddi D. Carrom
Ans : A. Test Cricket

Q(640000): Which is the largest living species of tortoise in the world, which may weigh about 400 kg?
A. Sulcata Tortoise B. Grenada Tortoise C. Golden Greek Tortoise D. Galapagos Tortoise
Ans : D. Galapagos Tortoise

Q(640000): According to legend, which of these Rishis regained his youth by a celestial favor ?
A. Agastya B. Durvasa C. Chyavana D. Charaka
Ans : C. Chyavana

FFF Question: Place these musical notes in ascending order from the lowest to the highest
A: Ga B: Re C: Sa D: Ma

FFF Question 2: Arrange these living creatures in increasing order of the number of their legs
A: Centipede B: Spider C: Caterpillar D: Dog

FFF Question 3: Starting from the westernmost, arrange these Asian countries from West to East
A: Pakistan B: Saudi Arabia C: Nepal D: Phillippines

Q(5000): On a restaurant menu, which of these items is often listed as ‘Jeera’, ‘Curd’, ‘Boiled’ or ‘Fried’?
A. Manchurian B. Burger C. Rice D. Pasta
Ans : C. Rice

Q(10000): Which of these is a term for a place where people gather for shayari and ghazals ?
A. Rukhsar B. Mushaira C. Shikara D. Mahabara
Ans : B. Mushaira

Q(20000): Which of these is not a recommended mineral in the human diet ?
A. Strontium B. Potassium C. Iron D. Calcium
Ans : A. Strontium

Q(80000): Who or what is the ‘baby’ in this recent newspaper headline: “At 66, Mother India gets ready for her 29th baby” ?
A. The Royal baby B. Telangana C. INS Vikrant D. Nargis’ last unreleased film
Ans : B. Telangana

Q(160000):Who was the president of India at the turn of the century, as the 20th century became the 21st century ?
A. K R Narayan B. A P J Abdul Kalam C. R Venkataraman D. Shankar Dayal Sharma
Ans :A. K R Narayan

Q(320000): The 2013 film ‘Lootera’ is partly based on which short story by O’Henry ?
A. The Ransom of Red Chief B. The Gift of the Magi C. The Last leaf D. The Third Ingredient
Ans : C. The Last leaf

Jackpot Question: Damascus is the capital of which country?
A: Tunisia B: Jordan C: Syria D: Lebanon
Ans: C: Syria

Q(640000): In the Mughal era, which of these harbours was also known as ‘Babul Mecca’ and ‘Meccaidwar’?
A. Bharuch B. Surat C. Porbandar D. Khambat
Ans : B. Surat

Q(640000): After whom is the annual award, given by the Govt of India to an outstanding handloom weaver, named ?
A. Acharya Vinoba Bhave B. Sant Kabir C. Mahatma Gandhi D. Gul Ahmed
Ans : B. Sant Kabir

FFF Question1: Arrange these words in the correct order to form a Hindi proverb
A: Aankhon B: Jhokna C: Mein D: Dhool

FFF Ques2: Arrange these holidays in India in the order in which they are observed in a calendar year
A: Christmas B: Independence Day C: Gandhi Jayanti D: May Day

FFF Ques3: Starting with the most recent, arrange these Nobel prize winners in the order of the year in which they won it
A: Mother teresa B: C V Raman C: Rabidranath Tagore D: Amartya Sen

Q(5000): According to the title of a 2013 film, what happened at Wadala ?
A. Meeting B. Romance C. Shootout D. Marriage
Ans : C. Shootout

Q(10000): Which of these is the verb in the sentence “chandu ke chacha ne chandu ki chachi ko chandni chowk mein chatni chatayi”?
A: Chandu B: Chacha C: Chandni D: Chatayi
Ans: D: Chatayi

Q(20000): Eating which of these dishes would qualify one as a non-vegetarian?
A. Malai Kofta B. Navratan Korma C. Gatte ki Sabzi D. Tandoori Raan
Ans : D. Tandoori Raan