KBC 7 – Episode 19 – October 19

Questions from episode 19 dated October 19, 2013 from KBC Season 7

GBBJ Question from October 19 Episode 19
According to the , what is known as a formulation of Army ?
A. Chakradwar B. Chakranemi C. Chakradhar D. Chakravihu
Ans: D. Chakravihu
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Q(160000) : Which of these gods is also referred to as ‘Banmaali’ and ‘Banvaari’ ?
A. Krishna B. Ganesh C. Indra D. Varun
Ans : A. Krishna

Q(320000) : Which of these body parts is capable of regenerating itself to a significant extent, even after donating a part of it ?
A. Kidney B. Liver C. Heart D. Lung
Ans : B. Liver

Q(640000): Who is the first Indian cricketer to score 3 triple centuries in first class cricket?
A. Virat Kohli B. V V S Laxman C. Ravindra Jadeja D. Virendar Sehwag
Ans : C. Ravindra Jadeja

Q(1250000) : Which Mughal emperor was named after a sufi saint at the time of his birth ?
A. Akbar B. Shah Jahan C. Jahangir D. Aurangzeb
Ans : C. Jahangir

Q(1250000): Which organisation was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize along with Mohamed ElBaradei ?
A. IAEA B. IMF C. Red Cross D. WHO
Ans : A. IAEA

Q(5000000): Which one of these , among the ten highest mountain peaks in the world, is not in the Himalayas ?
A. Nanga Parbat B. K2 C. Cho Oyu D. Makalu
Ans : B. K2

FFF Q2; Arrange these objects in increasing order of their standard size
A: Postcard B: Matchbox C: Daily Newspaper D: SIM Card

Q(5000): Which of these words describes the sound made from ‘ghungroos’ ?
A. Tukur Tukur B. Dhishum Dhishum C. Dhanbad Dhanbad D. Chhan Chhan
Ans : D. Chhan Chhan

Q(10000): Which of these is a type of roti made from rising yeast ?
A. Half Roti B. Quater Roti C. Double Roti D. Triple Roti
Ans : C. Double Roti

Q(40000): Which of these regions is common to Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh ?
A. Bundelkhand B. Chhota Nagpur C. Awadh D. Shekhawati
Ans : A. Bundelkhand

Q(80000): Which of these Hindu gods is also known as Bhalanetra and Bhalendra ?
A. Brahma B. Shiva C. Vishnu D. Kartikeya
Ans : B. Shiva

Q(160000): Which of these has an Asian species called ‘Dhole’ ?
A. Dog B. Ass C. Cat D. Dear
Ans : A. Dog

Q(320000): The name of which place from the Indus Valley Civilization in Sindhi language means ‘mound of the dead’ ?
A. Lothal B. Harappa C. Mohenjodaro D. Dholavira
Ans : C. Mohenjodaro

Q(640000): Who became the first player to be dismissed for ‘obstructing the field’ in IPL ?
A. Sreesanth B. Virat Kohli C. Gautam Gambhir D. Yusuf Pathan
Ans: D. Yusuf Pathan

Q(640000): Who is the only tennis player to win all four Grand Slams and an Olympics Gold in the same year ?
A. Serena Williams B. Pete Sampras C. Steffi Graf D. Roger Federer
Ans : C. Steffi Graf

Q(1250000): Which company started Project Loon to give balloon powered Internet access to the world?
a: Microsoft B: Google C: Intel D; Apple
Ans: B. Google