KBC 7 – Episode 18 – October 18

Questions from episode 18 dated October 18, 2013 from KBC Season 7

GBBJ Question from October 18 Episode 18
Which of these festivals is celebrated on the eve of Birth of Yesu ?
A: Easter B: Christmas C; Good Friday D: Boxing Day
Ans: B: Christmas
Entries received by 8:29:59 PM on 19th October 2013 will be considered valid

FFF q2: Starting from January, arrange these festivals in the order in which they occur during the year
A: Sharad Navratri B: Holi C: Raksha Bandhan D: Diwali

FFF Q3: Arrange these TV programmes in chronological order of their first transmission on Indian television
A: Hum Log B: Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Rana Pratap C: KBC D: Buniyaad

Q(10000): Poplin, Rubiya and flannel are types of what?
A: Leather B: Plastic C: Fabrics D: Rubber
Ans: C: Fabrics

Q(20000): On a clock dial, how many complete revolutions does an hour hand make in 24 hrs?
A: one B: Two C: Three D; Four
Ans; B: Two

Q(80000): What type of animals are dinosaurs?
A: Reptiles B: Mammals C; Amphibians D: Fish
Ans; A: Reptiles

Q(160000): In which of these sports has India never won an Olympic medal?
A: Badminton B: Boxing C: Archery D: Wrestling
Ans; C: Archery

Q(320000): Who among the following as named after a tree, under which she was found as a child?
A: Chitralekha B; Karuvaki C: Amrapali D: Vasantasena
Ans; C: Amrapali

Q(640000): Which of these national parks is not located in India?
A: Sagarmatha B: Corbett C: Dachigam D: Kanha
Ans: A: Sagarmatha

Q(1250000): Who among these ladies was the first to become a prime minister?
A: Sheikh Hasina B; Indira Gandhi C: Margaret Thatcher D; Benazir Bhutto
Ans: B; Indira Gandhi

Q(1250000): Which of these writers is better known as ‘Shivani’ in the literary world?
A: Krishna Sobti B: Mannu Bhandari C: Ira Pande D: Gaura Pant
Ans: D: Gaura Pant

FFF Q2: Arrange in ascending order
A: 0.009 B: 9 C: 0.09 D: 0.9

FFF Q3: Arrange these states touching the Arabian sea from North to South
A; Maharashtra B: Karnataka C: Gujarat D: Kerala

Q(5000): Which of these can be purchased in ‘reams’?
A: Paper B; Pencil C: Pen D: Eraser
Ans: A: Paper

Q(20000); Which of these is a widely used web browser of Microsoft?
A: Firefox B: Chrome C: IE D: Safari
Ans; C: IE

Q(40000): Which of these animals has branched horns?
A: Zebra B: Musk Deer C: Barasingha D: Rhinocerous
Ans: C: Barasingha

Q(80000): On the bank of which of these rivers is a Union Territory located?
A: Sutlej B: Yamuna C: Shipra D: Ganga
Ans: B: Yamuna