KBC 7 – Episode 16 – October 12

Questions from episode 16 dated October 12, 2013 from KBC Season 7

GBBJ Question from October 12 Episode 16
In Film ‘ Mr. India’ Mr. India can be seen in which colour?
A. Green B. Red C. Yellow D. Blue
Correct Answer: B. Red
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Q(40000): Which of these birds has the largest eyes?
A: Hawk B: Penguin C: Vulture D: Ostrich
Ans: D: Ostrich

Q(40000): Which of these plants does not prepare its food through photosynthesis?
A: Cactus B: Money Plant C: Cotton Plant D: Mushroom
Ans; D: Mushroom

Q(80000): Which of these international level sportswomen can be termed a ‘dhanurdhar’?
A: Krishna Poonia B: Anjali Bhagwat C; Deepika Kumari D: Jwala Gutta
Ans: C: Deepika Kumari

Q(160000): Which leader gave the landmark speech ‘Tryst with Destiny’ towards midnight on 14 Aug 1947?
A: Mahatma Gandhi B: Lord Mountbatten C; Dr Rajendra Prasad D: Jawaharlal Nehru
Ans; D: Jawaharlal Nehru

FFF Q1: Arrange these details of a postal address in the order in which they are normally written on a letter
A; Street Name B: name C: Pincode D: City

FFF Q3: Starting from the earliest, arrange these systems of communication in the order in which they were first launched in India
A: Telegraph B: 4G Service C: Mobile Phone D: Landline Telephone

Q(5000) : Which of these ingredients must be present in ‘lassi’ , ‘mattha’ and ‘chaach’?
A. Besan B. Dahi C. Lemon D. Sugar
Ans : B. Dahi

Q(10000): On Facebook, which of these buttons is denoted by a ‘thumbs up’ symbol ?
A. News Feed B. Status C. Poke D. Like
Ans : D. Like

Q(20000): Ram Charan Teja, who made his Hindi film debut with ‘Zanjeer’, is the son of which actor ?
A. Chiranjeevi B. Mammootty C. Arvind Swamy D. Nagarjuna
Ans : A. Chiranjeevi

Q(80000): Presidency University, Kolkata, will introduce a new course from 2014 on which of these subjects ?
A. IPL B. 3 Idiots (the film) C. Corruption D. Love
Ans : D. Love

Q(80000): A species of which of these birds is the fastest while swimming underwater ?
A. Puffin B. Kiwi C. Penguin D. Emu
Ans : C. Penguin

Q(160000): Which river, a headstream of Ganga, flows by the Badrinath Shrine ?
A. Dhauliganga B. Bhagirathi C. Mandakini D. Alakananda
Ans : D. Alakananda

Q(320000): How do we better know Jorge Mario Bergoglio who came to prominence in March 2013 ?
A. Pope Francis B. Pope Benedict C. Pope Pius D. Pope John
Ans : A. Pope Francis

Q(640000): Who gave the title ‘Flying Sikh’ to the great athlete Milkha Singh?
A. Abdul Hafeez Kardar B. Gen Ayub Khan C. Major Dhyan Chand D. Jawaharlal Nehru
Ans : B. Gen Ayub Khan

Q(125000): According to the Rigveda, to which god does the sun hand over his effulgence in the evening and take it back in the morning ?
A. Indra B. Varuna C. Agni D. Vayu
Ans : C. Agni

Q(2500000): Who was the first child in the world to be born via the In Vitro Fertilization or IVF method ?
A. Elizabeth Carr B. Hilary Koprowski C. Licia Zarata D. Louise Brown
Ans : D. Louise Brown

Q(5000000): In which of these states have both father and daughter served as chief minister ?
A. Goa B. Assam C. Jammu and Kashmir D. Punjab
Ans : A. Goa