KBC 7 – Episode 15 – October 11

Questions from episode 15 dated October 11, 2013 from KBC Season 7

GBBJ Question from October 11 Episode 15
Complete this Hindi Proverb “Jale pe ……….. Chidakna” ?
A. Koyala (Coal) B. Paani(Water) C. Tel(Oil) D. Namak(Salt)
Ans: D: Namak
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FFF Q1; From top to bottom arrange these according to the parts of the body on which they are generally worn.
A) Ghagra, B) Ghunghat C) Ghungroo, D) Ghadi.

FFF Q2: Arrange these services offered by the Indian railway in order in which they were introduced.
A) Rajdhani Express B) Tatkal Scheme, C) Duronto Express D) First electric train.

FFF Q3: Starting with the northernmost and moving in clockwise direction, arrange these union territories in order.
A) Lakshwadeep B) Andaman and Nicobar, C) Chandigarh, D) Daman and Diu.

Q(5000): Traditionally, which of these is matched before a Hindu marriage?
A) Blood group, B) Bank Balance, C) Facebook profile, D) Horoscope.
Ans: D: Horoscope

Q(10000): Which medicine is generally injected in the body to fight bacteria in wounds caused by cuts from rusty items?
A) Insulin b) Anti Rabies C) Anti Tetanus D) Vitamin B12.
Ans: C: Anti Tetanus

Q(20000): Complete this Sanskrit Shloka: Guru Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Devo…..?
A) Swamishwara B) Maheshwara C) Parmeshawara D: Gyaneshwara
Ans; B) Maheshwara

Q(80000): The courts of which of those Grand Slam tournaments is often called as ‘Lak Bajri’ by the Hindi media?
A) French open B) Australian Open C) US Open D) Wimbledon.
Ans: A) French open

Q(160000): Raghuram Rajan is the most recent occupant of what post in India?
A) RBI governor B) Director, R&AW C) Chairman, Planning Commission D) Chairman UIDAI.
Ans; A) RBI governor

Q(320000): In which state is the Ratlam Station where Karenna kapoor misses her train in ‘Jab We Met’ ?
A) Madhya Pradesh B) Chhattisgarh c) Punjab D) Maharashtra.
Ans: A: MP

Q(640000): Whom did Lalu Prasad Yadav replace as the Chief Minister of Bihar in 1990?
A) Bhagwan Jha Azad B) Jaganth Mishra C) Sateyndra nath Sinha D) Bindheswar Dubey.
Ans: B) Jaganth Mishra

Q(640000): According to Abhigyana Shakuntlam, as result of which Rishi’s curse did king Dushyant forget Shakuntla?
A) Vishwamitra B) Durvasa C) Kanva D) Kapil.
Ans: B: Durbasa

Q(125000): Who is the first batsman to score a century in all these formats of international cricket-Test, ODI and T20.
A) Brendon McCullum B) Suresh Raina C) Chris Gayle D) Virat Kohli
Ans; C: Chris Gayle

FFF Q1: Arrange these Akshay Kumar movies in increasing in order of the numbers appearing in their titles.
A) Khiladi 420 B) Khiladi 786 C) Houseful 2 D) Special 26 .

FFF Q2: Arrange these words in the correct order to form name of famous freedom fighter?
A) Abul B) Maulana C) Azad D) Kalam.

FFF Q3: Starting from least, arrange the following in increasing period order of the total duration?
A) Kalp B) Yuga, C) Divas D) Varsh.

Q(5000): Which of these is is a kind of a mobile phone?
A) Dashing Phone B) Cool Phone C) Smartphone D) Long Phone.
Ans: C: Smart Phone

Q(10000): In the movie, ‘Athithi tum kab jaoge’, who played the role of a guest.
A) Anupam Kher, B ) Paresh Rawal C) Boman irani D) Satish Kasushik.
Ans: B: Paresh Rawal