KBC 7 – Episode 14 – October 6

Questions from episode 14 dated October 6, 2013 from KBC Season 7

GBBJ Question from October 6 Episode 14
At the start of a chess game, which piece is placed at all the four corners of the chess board?
A. Rook B. Pawn C. Queen D. King
Ans; A: Rook
Entries received by 8:29:59 PM on 7th October 2013 will be considered valid

Q(320000): Which of these Mughal emperors was imprisoned by his own son?
A) Akbar B) Jahangir C) Aurangzeb D) Shah Jahan.
Ans; D) Shah Jahan

Q(640000): Shahtoosh is the name given to a kind of exquisite shawl, made from the hair of which animal?
A) Merino B) Angora C) Chiru D) Pashmina.
Ans: C: Chiru

Q(125000): Which of these chief minister was a High court judge before entering active politics?
A: Vijay Bahuguna B) Manohar Parikar C) Prithviraj Chauhan D) Virbhadra Singh
Ans: A: Vijay Bahuguna


Q(5000): Which of these leads to excessive rains?
A) Volcanic Eruptions B: Tidal waves C: Famine D) Cloud Burst
Ans: D. Cloud Burst

Q(10000): With Which TV anchor would you most associate the phrase “The nation wants to know”?
A. Barkha Dutt B. Rajdeep Sardesai C. Arnab Goswami D. Vikram Chandra
Ans : C. Arnab Goswami

Q(20000): In 2013, Which film was selected as the Indian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film in the Oscars ?
A. The Lunchbox B. The Good Road C. Ship of Theseus D. Lootera
Ans : B. The Good Road

Q(40000): The brow-antlered deer, found mainly in Manipur, is known as what in the local language?
A. Krishna Mriga B. Jinka C. Markhor D. Sangai
Ans : D. Sangai

Q(160000): Whom did Leander Paees partner in 2013 to win the US Open Men’s doubles title?
A: Radek Stepanek B: Bruno Soares C: Alexander Peya D: Daniel nestor
Ans; A: Radek Stepanek

Q(320000): In whose honour did the United Nations celebrate 5 September 2013 as the first International Day of Charity ?
A. Nelson Mandela B. Princess Diana C. Mother Teresa D. Martin Luther King Jr.
Ans : C. Mother Teresa

Q(640000): Which of these cricketers has the distinction of claiming a wicket on the very first ball that he bowled in ODIs ?
A. Ravinder Jadeja B. Ishant Sharma C. Bhuvneshwar Kumar D. Umesh Yadav
Ans : C. Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Q(1250000): In which Indian State was President’s rule imposed for the first time?
A) Punjab B) Kerala C) Jammu and Kashmir D) Bihar
Ans: A: Punjab